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400ER Take Off Calcs

Started by CarlBB, Tue, 30 Sep 2014 17:20



Just thinking - at some stage I may want the extra range and so take a 400ER which I would expect would be full or near to full.

Using topcat at the moment obviously caters for the 400.

Could we use topcat as is with the higher weights or maybe there is a quick adjustment say to the output. Maybe we just go with full power.

As I say, just thinking aloud.... any thoughts appreciated.




Hi Carl!

TOPCAT has an in-built design problem: new virtual aircraft can only be added after a *lot* of work by the TOPCAT team.

So all we can do at present is to try and utilise the existing 744 models and juggle things to suit.

I tried to make a few suggestions in Part 2 of "Getting started with PSX" that might perhaps be useful (but no guarantees!).     ;)



(Author of "The Big Tutorial" for PS1, and "Getting started with PSX" Parts 1, 2, and 3).


Be advised that there is no PFPX profile for the -ER.  I created one then flew it, and it came out to around a 28% fuel bias required once I sat down with the planned fuel flows versus actuals from my flight log. I flew it last weekend, flew one LAXSYD in real time and ended up diverting to AGGH due to insufficient reserves...

Christian, the author of PFPX, said when I was in Austria with him last week is that you can adjust the maximum weight in the PFPX data file to a higher value, but all it will do is linearly extrapolate the fuel flows at the higher weight.

My sources dont have the required data for the -ER to create a true PFPX profile, yet... I created most of the Boeings available using professional tools used by airlines. There are some imitation PFPX models out there based on who knows what, but the models I created (and either they have my name or Christian's girlfriend Judith) are as accurate as possible using professional tools...

That idea wont work for TOPCAT however... most of the underlying tables top out at 400000 Kgs in the TOPCAT data file, according to my QF FCOM, the MTOW is 412769 kgs.


Hi Both
Thanks for replies.