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psx & pmdg

Started by aditall, Thu, 12 Nov 2009 07:24


what is the big difference between psx & 744 pmdg for fsx?
is tha psx more complex to operate in the avionics or in the controls ?

Peter Lang

PSX will be - as PS1 is - a simulator which has an own flight model.

So it can operate completely independend from MSFS restrictions.
And you will have more FPS  ;)


Holger Wende

PSX (and PS1) have the emphasis in simulating the B744 aircraft system as realistic and complete as possible.
In MSFS a major effort is spent to generate scenery and to simulate almost any aircraft type (light prop, fighter jet, heavy jet etc.) which implies many restrictions.

Annother big difference will be the graphics: See e.g.

And not to forget the PSX network nrchitecture (see e.g. which will allow almost any application to connect to PSX, read from it or drive it  :)



Well....basically FS X is more on graphics and visual while PS X, PS 1, PS 1.3 are almost 99& cater for real flight characeristics, flight envelope, perfomance, handling...etc...

I have basically stopped flying the FS X, ever since I bought the PS 1.3.

Should get the PS 1.3 and try it out.

Good day....
OK....I am ok, if you are ok...!!


עולם אחר

Another world- the short answer.
Regards, Zinger

John Golin

You are asking on a PS forum so are likely to get very PS centric answers ( ;) ) but to be fair, PMDG for FS does have a very good simulation of many 744 systems and is a great aircraft to fly in flight sim and online.  I have both and enjoy both.
John Golin.