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New situ-files and short routes for download ?

Started by Horst, Sat, 13 Sep 2014 08:43



... has somebody any new good homemade situ-files to publish via this forum for download?

Even beginners of PSX would like to have some situations and  s h o r t  routes to train.

Later on the FMC programming follows ...


This is a short hop from Gatwick (EGKK) to Nottingham East Midlands (EGNX).
This is from Chiang Mai (VTCC) to Bangkok (VTBS).

Both are short. I have put the SID's and STARS into both situations. There is enough fuel to do the flights but by no means is the quantity "planned".

Basically, release the parking brake and go. If you follow Brian's Guide tutorial flight instructions it will help you with the climb out and controlling the approach flaps and speeds.

Hope these are what you are looking for.
Greetings from the mountains of Northern Thailand (VTCC),
Chris Stanley.


... that´s what most of us need for starting the "carrier"... :mrgreen:

Thank you very much.


You're welcome but if I might make a suggestion. In Brian's Guide ( there is a short flight from Gatwick to Heathrow. I flew that many times to get the hang on the sequence of events. From that I've moved on to these kind of flights.
Happy to answer any questions if you have any.
Greetings from the mountains of Northern Thailand (VTCC),
Chris Stanley.


Thank you Chris,
I flow the flight from Gatwick to Heathrow also several times.

I remember the old Aerowinx PS 1.3 website.

There were a lot of situ files collected from all over the world.

Perhaps an animation for Hardy to implement again in his new website PSX?



Hi I remember flight line. ... but are you just wanting a ready to fly situ?
I'll gladly share some recent flights if that is what you address asking for?


Hi Carl,
yes, I (perhaps some ohter also) wanted ready fo fly situ. "Step by step" learning ...




OK - now you said short - this is short by the 747s range  :)  - BAW157 London to Kuwait City? If you this I'll modify the situ slightly so you have known weather - esp for landing - and I'll add the star to it.



Hi Carl,
thank you very much. It will also be fine for other forum members ...

I like to have rainy weahter at London and sunny to arrive at Kuwait.


Phil Bunch

I very much appreciate these additional situ files, too.

I learn something new (and usually many things) from practicing with each one.
Best wishes,

Phil Bunch


Hi everyone, here is situ with everything set up for a trip from KSFO (San Francisco) to KOKC (Oklahoma City). You'll be leaving on the PORTE5 departure procedure, CZQ transition, to an initial altitude of 31,000 feet. Like entries above, the FMC is all set up.

However, this situ contains a challenge: You need to takeoff, rotate, engage the autopilot at 400' on VNAV and LNAV, and make sure you make the altitude constraint at SENZY, the first waypoint after departure. Sounds simple, right? Well, the catch is that your dispatcher is insisting that you use the CLB 2 derate because the maintenance budget for the engines has gone off the charts lately.

The airplane will have no trouble at all making it from a performance perspective. This is not an unsafe departure.

However, try it, and you'll see that something's fishy. You'll see >FMC MESSAGE: UNABLE NEXT ALT, which means you'll cross SENZY too low and you're busted! (And you might just hit the terrain below.)

Your challenge is to get VNAV to achieve the altitude constraint at SENZY, while following these rules:

- Normal takeoff procedure
- Don't change the CLB 2 derate
- Leave the FD as it is, which is following guidance from VNAV and LNAV
- Engage the autopilot at 400'
- No MCP interventions allowed (*)
- Avoid the UNABLE NEXT ALT message
- Cross SENZY at a legal altitude

There is more than one way to solve the problem. Have fun!

*) Hint: how would you intervene if you could?
Will /Chicago /USA


Quote from: WillThere is more than one way to solve the problem. Have fun!

Uhm .... I added a SPD RESTR 200/2800. It worked. Is that legal?


That's one way, good job! There are at least two other ways.
Will /Chicago /USA


Im interested in these other ways as I have 4 solutions but don't know if two will work and don't want to give the game away.


I have flight-tested three unique solutions that definitely work.

There may be others.

But there's only one that I'd bet my license on. :-)
Will /Chicago /USA


Quote from: WillThat's one way, good job! There are at least two others.

As a Physics teacher I'll use this example on my laptop when I tell the kids about potential energy and kinetic energy. That's how I figured it, with some added twist from extended flaps dissipating more energy ...

John H Watson

Quote from: funkyhutThis is a short hop from Gatwick (EGKK) to Nottingham East Midlands (EGNX).

Chris, just a few observations on your first situ:

The Capt's chronometer needs resetting
You haven't confirmed the CG setting on your Takeoff Ref page (where did you get your trim value from?)
You haven't put the V2 of 146 in the MCP speed window

I'm not sure what the default E/O Accel Ht for SQ is, but it seems a bit low. Ours is 800.
What ILS frequency have you dialled in?
Are the white bugs on the Standby Airspeed Indicator set up for anything in particular? If not set up, it's best to move all the bugs together to show that they don't mean anything.

I'll leave the rest to the real experts  :P


John Backseat-Driver Watson  :mrgreen:


Many Thanks John.
The learning curve on this is so huge so I started out just trying to create something which would get me flying from A to B so that I could get familiar with the layouts and the basic actions at the various stages of a trip.
Next is to get into the Flows and Checklists.
The ILS is 27 at EGNX already tuned but I guess it should be something else?
Again, thanks for taking the time to help an old guy learn.
Greetings from the mountains of Northern Thailand (VTCC),
Chris Stanley.


Well, I somehow cheated because I knew of one of the possible solutions already -setting the restriction to something like 200 knot, instead of the 253 it is set at by default.

Then, my approach, without changing that restriction, was to clean the aircraft on the climb ASAP, completely retracting the flaps before the point. It worked beautifully :-)

Now, there's  third possibility, and I wonder if it is a combination of both reducing the constraint speed and clearing the aircraft, or yet another ?

John H Watson

Chris, in your second situ, I'm getting CWT tank EICAS messages. Since the Trans World Airlines fuel tank explosion (and others), there have been modifications made to the fuel message logic (different from PS1 days). You may need to add more fuel or switch off the CWT pumps for the time being to remove these messages. Considering it's a short flight, it may be better to reduce the fuel level by a considerable amount or you might be faced with an overweight landing.

When I boot up the situ, it's a daylight flight. I don't know if it's the same for you, but to reduce heat and extend lamp life in the (real world) cockpit, sometimes it's a good idea to turn down the instrument lighting (backlights, floodlights, etc) . Unfortunately, in the case of the switchlights, you have to balance annunciation visibility with heat generation: You can sometimes burn your fingers on the switches if you leave the MD&T switch in BRT).  :P This is one of the reasons why more modern generation aircraft have switched to LED lighting.