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PSX CDU control from iPad (and maybe iPhone)

Started by felixk2, Wed, 3 Sep 2014 18:36



I have 3 iPads (Air, Retina and non-retina Mini) as well as an iPhone and so would request an early sample as well.  

I am thrilled at this prospect specifically because I am working towards minimalist flying (think hotel room on a layover) and therefore the MBP15, iPad (Jeppview) and iPhone (your CDU) will be my only accoutrement, in addition to the mouse I now transport because of PSX.  

It will all combine brilliantly for those freight dogs, trying to stay warm in Baku while contemplating their next approach into some soon to appear, unfamiliar frozen wasteland- fantastic!

Best- C
Carl Avari-Cooper, KTPA

Christian Adrigan

Great work, looking forward to testing!

Expect some donations from a happy community. ;) You should think about selling it on the App Store, IMO. It will become a must-have for the Ipad users.



I'd rather make it free. To be 100% honest i'm building it because I want it for my flight deck  :)  I'm not looking to make it a business. Once you start charging for something people expect a certain level of support, and that's one thing that I will not be able to offer quickly (i'll support, but it won't be as quick as next day fixes...etc).

But thanks for the nice comments.

Work is progressing. The app is pretty much ready for testing. I'm just waiting on my designer to deliver vector graphics for the CDU background images. Should be a few more days...

First version will only support iPads. I will add iPhone/iPod touch support later.



Great job! And a very useful tool, thanks.
Happy landings,



Here it is! 98% done. Just a few more things and it's all set!


Best regards




This looks good!

Do you want to share the code and resources so the community/I can port it to android?




I will get the iPad version as soon as possible but I am really salivating over the thought of having the iPad free for Jeppview and the CDU on an iPhone 6 Plus..... So grateful for your efforts!

Hardy- the PSX community you have seeded is growing and flourishing- and our old fat girl is smiling.  Long live the 744 :)

Carl Avari-Cooper, KTPA


Quote from: felixk2Here it is! 98% done. Just a few more things and it's all set!

My IPad Air Retina is ready for beta test!

Phil Bunch

My partner and I now own a total of 3 iPads (various generations), something like 3 or 4 iPod Touches, and I forget what else.

They are all wanting to become CDUs and abandon all their other roles (grins).

Is there any upper limit to how many active CDUs a (PSX-simulated) 744 can operate?  

Can the PF have several iCDUs operating and the PNF also have several of them operating?  Isn't this what Boost mode and multiple instances were designed for (more grins).
Best wishes,

Phil Bunch


I am not aware of any limitations on how many iPads you can connect to PSX. The app doesn't use boost, it connects as a client to the main server. I've had 3 connected at once.
(one for each CDU in the airplane).



We would love to see this app on Android devices too !!!!!

Please :D !!!!


What an amazing project you have going on there! Looking real good.

Does it also react to night lighting changes?



See my question earlier. Can you share the code so we can port it to Android. It seems more people are interested :-)

Many thanks.


Hardy Heinlin


this TrueType font for the CDU has been created by Martin E. and me some years ago. You can use it for your software if your software won't be commercial.





I plan on building the android port myself. But thanks for the offer.



No night lighting effects yet. I'll do that in a later version.


IT'S DONE! I decided to skip the beta test. Unfortunately there is no easy way to do beta testing with iOS.

I've submitted the App to Apple for review. It takes about 5-7 days for them to approve (or deny). I will keep you all posted once it's on the app store and ready to install.

For now, here's a photo of the app in action:



Hi Felix, I feel bad asking but Android?
Greetings from the mountains of Northern Thailand (VTCC),
Chris Stanley.