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PSX introductory tutorial released

Started by brian747, Mon, 1 Sep 2014 21:45


Hi, folks!

I have created a 64-page tutorial, aimed very much at those new to PSX, which aims to shorten their learning curve as they get to grips with the sim. I am hugely grateful to Hardy, who has been kind enough to read through the text and suggest many corrections and improvements (just as he did for 'The Big Tutorial', back in the days of PS1).

The tutorial covers four main areas:

* Creating your own 9pack of layouts

* Assigning the optimum set of controls for your hardware

* Flying a very short trip to become familiar with PSX as you test your layouts and controls

* Creating a situation file for your own use

It can be downloaded from the "Miscellaneous" page of the Aerowinx site —

I hope some people find it useful.      :D


(Author of "The Big Tutorial" for PS1, and "Getting started with PSX" Parts 1, 2, and 3).

Roel Raeven

I just had a short (sneak) preview but must say: Great job Brian



Hi Brian

Many thanks for taking the time to produce the new tutorial.
I am sure it will be appreciated and of great assistance to us
mere mortals recommencing our love affair with the Queen.


Noel Southam


Hi Brian,

Good timing - it will help whilst I wait for my copy  :)

I'll have a read and hope I can get some more tips to get going as soon as PSX arrives.

It will also save some more wear and tear of Hardys demo # 1  :D



Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

Remember Carl: NO DRAG REQUIRED      :mrgreen:


I've been using your 'The BIG Tutorial' for PSX. It was recommended to me, and I found it very helpful. Great work I must say. Your new Tutorial, however, is just what I need. It covers many additional facets of PSX that are very helpful. Again, great work. I do appreciate it. Thank you so much.


A big thanks here too, Brian.


Also a very big thank you from me.

This is exactly what I've been looking for as I've been feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of PSX.



Hi Brian,

thank you so lot fot that useful tutorial.
Great work  :D Very Good overvieving for all that i need!



John Golin

Hi Brian - great doco!  Quick note - AdaptPSX does support the EFIS buttons and Captain and FO ECS... :)
John Golin.


Thank you, Brian (and Hardy). It looks very good. Another fine example of the wonderful support on this forum. I only wish I could make some really positive contribution rather than just learning from all the great info on this forum. One day...  :D


My thanks too Brian. A great guide which I wish I'd had to read after setting up all my USB buttons and then removing a numeric keypad only to find when I rolled down the runway for takeoff TO/GA did not and the elevator was dud.

Not that I could add much, there is one thing which might be helpful if you are just starting out.
For me, I've found the important things to assign to buttons are:

AP Disconnect,
AT Disconnect,
Trim Up and Down,
Flaps Up and Down,
Gear cycle and the
PTT button.

I have a Saitek Yoke and 3 axis Quadrant with Saitek Peddles so with the above all set on the Yoke, I have 2 buttons left over on the Yoke which I've assigned to the Next Checklist Item and Previous Checklist.

Why? Because they are all things you need to do while climbing out or at critical points during and approach when you probably don't want to be mousing around looking for stuff.

I've also found that with PSX, the handling of the Throttle and Speedbrake with the mouse really is intuitive and easy. On Takeoff it's just a push forward on the throttles, easy to do with a mouse. I also have them assigned to a Throttle Quadrant but find myself not using it.

That leaves 6 more buttons on the Quadrant which I've not yet assigned.

Hope this helps.
Greetings from the mountains of Northern Thailand (VTCC),
Chris Stanley.


Excellent tutorial! Thx Brian


My most sincere thanks for your kind comments, gentlemen!     :D

Naturally, having asked Hardy to post it last night, first thing this morning I found a couple of typing errors in it , so there will be a v1.01 at some point. Apologies to those who have downloaded v1.0, although TBH the differences are tiny. But once an Editor, always an Editor, I guess, so I couldn't leave it alone....     ;)

[Later edit: v1.01 has replaced v1.0 and is available now. Many thanks, Hardy!]    :mrgreen:

Just a few specific responses:


While you're waiting, why not do some hard thinking about the best way to lay out your controls? Getting them optimised precisely for you will improve your simming experience significantly. See the section on controls, and appendices 2 and 3 (and perhaps 4, as an example). See also funkyhut's comments, above.   8)


My Aerosoft Australia MCP lacks the EFIS and Comms additions, unfortunately. I think perhaps you may have overlooked my sneaky way of wondering whether you were going to extend AdaptPSX to talk to the VRinsight MCP combo kit (those models incorporate EFIS and Comms in a single unit), at some point. Unless ( <*gasp*> ) you already have????     ;)


That sounds great, Chris. You've obviously thought it through.   :)

All the best,

(Author of "The Big Tutorial" for PS1, and "Getting started with PSX" Parts 1, 2, and 3).


I can not download the manual, only loard it online.
It is also passwort protected.

To chance the pdf format in a word format,  is impossible.

Is there anyone to publish the manual here in the forum in a word format?



Hi Horst!

It is easy to download (right-click on "Getting to know PSX" and then use "Save target as"); and it can then either be viewed onscreen or else printed out in high resolution.

But no Word version, I'm afraid.


(Author of "The Big Tutorial" for PS1, and "Getting started with PSX" Parts 1, 2, and 3).



@Brian - yes I'm expecting this matures into less keystrokes and therefore more use of existing hardware as I see what is possible. I see a lot - I remember - being the same from PS1.3.

I hope to expand on a similar way that I use X-Plane for the runway entry/exit procedure.... e.g., in X-Plane, Num 7 is my main view. Num 8 is part of glare shield and landing lights. Thru PSX I will hopefully be able to access all relevant items for the runway entry/exit procedure, e.g., lights, strobes, transponder, EFIS (to quickly switch on terrain or WX radar), clock, seat belt sign to 'ding' the cabin prior to take off etc..

@Hoppie - yes indeed. I even have a special copy of PSX where the DRAG REQUIRED message will never appear  :D




Brian, HH

Can I post a message at the Avsim Hangar chat forum with a link to your Guide?

For those in the fence I am almost sure they would have the chance to find out why PSX can offer...


Hi Brian,
Thank you, it was a wrong setting in my pc system ....Cheers

Frans Spruit

Hi Brian,

Thank you very much for your tutorial.

Kind regards,

Frans Spruit EHAM