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Calibrate Input devices in PSX

Started by B744-Simmer, Thu, 7 Aug 2014 19:34

Holger Wende


Maybe someone can help with my "inverted" thrust lever:

On Windows:
In devices see a 4-axis, 4-button joystick w./view finder.
Joystick attributes and calibration:
- Joystick thrust lever retarded: Value 163
- Joystick thrust lever fully advanced: Value 3

In PSX USB page:
Joystick thrust lever fully retarded: Value 987
Joystick thrust lever fully advanced: Value -974

Neutral values I tested and result:
Neutral: -10
N1 rises to 330 at approx 15% joystick thrust lever advanced and remains stable (value +630), reverser levers in PSX move a tiny bit.
Reversers deploy at ~30% joystick thrust lever advanced (value +360)

Neutral: -900, automatically reset to -500.
N1 starts rising to ~330 at ~25% joystick thrust lever advanced, PSX reverser levers move a bit...
Reversers deploy at ~50% joystick thrust lever movement (value -25)

Neutral: 500 ==> no reaction is PSX when joystick thrust lever is moved slowly to full and slowly back again.
When thottle is retarded "fast" (<2 sec from full to 0) then reversers deploy approx. half way back from full to idle.

The thrust levers in PSX never moved, for all my tests.

Anything I can do in PSX to enable normal joystick thrust lever operation without opening and rewiring the joystick?
I use my old CH Products Pro yoke with throttle, connected via "gameport to USB adapter" (Rockfire RM-203, switch position no. 2, i.e. CH Products "compatibility" mode).
PSX version 10.0.1.

Thanks, Holger

Hardy Heinlin

Hi Holger,

sounds a bit complicated :-)

Are you sure your USB forward throttle moves PSX's reverser levers? This is actually impossible.

QuoteJoystick thrust lever fully retarded: Value 987
Joystick thrust lever fully advanced: Value -974
For this I would set the null zone to -30 (negative to invert the output). That should round up the outer values and PSX's levers should be able to move to full max and min. The resolution is then 67 steps (2000 / 30 = 67).



Is your goal to control the reverser levers with your USB? The reverser levers don't make a continuous motion from min to max. There is a stop in between, and an interlock that opens after a delay of ca. 3 seconds. That's normal.

Holger Wende

Hi Hardy,

Thanks for this super fast response.
Yes, I completely overlooked that "Reversers all" was assigned to the "slider" instead of "Thruttles all", what a shame  :oops:
Works great when correctly configured  :)

Enjoy the Sunday evening, best regards, Holger