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Printed manual

Started by xanix1, Wed, 6 Aug 2014 02:37


The manual looks great on my iPad Air. I uploaded the 42Mb PDF to Google Drive and then opened on the iPad Kindle app. Reads perfectly one page to a vertical screen. I can definitely recommend this way to read / consult the manual.


Be very careful using Google for anything, they have some weird legalese in their terms of use that basically translates to you give them a unlimited license to anything you put in their services forever.

This seems to be a Google unique position, not shared by any of the other major providers offering the same service.

Our lawyers are having heart attacks over it and have put in a company wide ban on any use of their products.


Quote from: Ray_CYYZBe very careful using Google for anything, they have some weird legalese in their terms of use that basically translates to you give them a unlimited license to anything you put in their services forever.

Yikes! I can only delete it off my Google Drive now. Just used it as a convenient way to upload the manual to my iPad as it is a large file.

Thanks for the warning.


On iPad or any other tablet it's not the same as having it printed. This is my view and what concerns demand I think everyone that just purchased PSX now would already order one and that's including myself.
Cheers. ;)

Garry Richards

With respect to all, don't be too hasty in thinking that a paper manual is essential. I used to print manuals whenever I acquired any software or hardware that only came with e-manuals but eventually realised that after a short while I rarely referred to them, and then only to a particular page or part of a section. I now find pdf manuals on screen better than paper.

I would advise PSX buyers to use the manual on screen for a while before committing to a paper copy.





The manual is indeed 600 pages, which translates to 300 pieces of paper, but this is apparently still too big for the wire binding machine at my local print shop, unfortunately.    :|


I'm not sure to what extent the Big Tutorial is still relevant to PSX, Richard, but since Hardy has kindly indicated that the password can be made freely available (post #10, above), then you are most welcome to download it. I hope you find that some parts of it are still helpful.   :D

So the download link is the one that Hardy gave:

You will find that this is version 1.01, which was split into three parts, so three different passwords are needed:

            BigTutl.pdf  (pp 1 - 70)

            MostApps.pdf  (pp 71-153,160-168)


            Appx14.pdf  (pp 154-159)


This version was superseded by v1.02, which was a single pdf: I have that version, too, if anyone would like to host it (and if there's any demand).    :roll:


Many thanks for that, Russell, but sadly my eyesight couldn't cope with the manual printed out in A5 format (the quote I received was for A4). So I suspect that I'll end up printing some of it out on my home printer (which can print double-sided) and access the remainder at need. Fortunately, I have an iPad so can view the whole thing on that, magnified as needed.

But I have to agree with xanix1: for me, nothing beats a manual on good old-fashioned (and easy to flip through) paper. (Sorry, Garry, I'm just old-fashioned, I suppose).   8)


(Author of "The Big Tutorial" for PS1, and "Getting started with PSX" Parts 1, 2, and 3).


Thanks Brian, I got the download from Hardy's link and the passwords from my PS1.3 manual. I was finally able to get PS1.3 working in DosBox and D-Fend, but after placing your files in the directories they are not recognised. Anyway I am expecting PSX today or tomorrow so my attention may be elsewhere  :D


Hi Richard!

Hmm, that's a point: I've no idea whether those old Situation files will still work in PSX (but I somehow doubt it). To recreate them you may have to do a little work in the Instructor pages, I'm afraid.     ;)

Having said that, when I took a chance and added my own (PS1) voice to the ATC voices it was accepted, so maybe there's hope....    :)

Good luck,

(Author of "The Big Tutorial" for PS1, and "Getting started with PSX" Parts 1, 2, and 3).


PS1 situation files (or route files) won't work in PSX (naturally).
Add-on voices can work but it is not 1:1.
You may choose airline A in PSX, but in the old files you may hear a different airline name. This needs a little bit adjustment.

Also, in PSX new files there is a command "Line up and wait". In the old (add-on) files you will hear "Line up and hold".

Avi Adin

Hardy Heinlin

Hi Brian,

PS1 situation files will not work in PSX, but most of the user created ATC and PNF sound files will work if the file names are accordingly modified.

This is not documented yet. I'll explain the file system later when there is serious interest ...



Avi was faster.



Thank you gentlemen (although TBH I wasn't at all hopeful about the Situation files).

As regards the sound files I had observed only that (a) the file names looked similar, and (b) that creating a suitably-named subdirectory with those files in it added the option to the menu. The prospect of randomly-scrambled messages is not an attractive one, however, so I'll remove it again.

In the meantime, could you please be so kind as to add my name to the "serious interest" list, Hardy?    8)


(Author of "The Big Tutorial" for PS1, and "Getting started with PSX" Parts 1, 2, and 3).

Phil Bunch

Quote from: Ray_CYYZMight I suggest you go get a little 7" epub reader or tablet for the express purpose of holding PDFs/Manuals/etc. I have a little Kobo Arc that I got on sale for $99 that holds all my PDFs.

a) It has Search

b) It has Bookmarks

c) It has Color

I retired my last page of Post-It notes many years ago.

This seems like a great idea, much better than using a much more expensive and (in this context) needlessly flexible iPad for this purpose.

IIRC, Amazon offers several inexpensive Kindle options, too.  I believe that it's worth spending a little more for a color version since such beautiful and effective use of color is present in Hardy's PDF manual.
Best wishes,

Phil Bunch


Hi guys

Just to add to Phil's comments - I still love a good, physical book and probably always will.  But I've been gradually shifting to electronic for many purposes as the technology evolves and costs come down.  I haven't weighed down my on-board carry-on with books while on travel for some time - my Kindle paper-white isn't just good enough.  For just reading text, it's superior to paper in terms of readability and utility under practically all conditions, and lighter than most paperbacks (doesn't do graphics well yet - see next comments).

My Kindle Fire HD adds color, super graphics and ability to handle photos in ebooks or pdf's.  Adding the free Adobe Reader app gives you most of a big computer ability to manipulate pdfs.  Example - the PSX manual looks superb and things can be bookmarked, searched etc as noted by others.  The bookmark tab in the app automatically brings up the Table of Contents, making navigation to any topic easy with a single tap. The same applies to approach plates, airport diagrams, etc. and PFPX flight plans in pdf format.

I'm not selling Amazon products - most of the current affordable options have similar capabilities.  Give it a try.