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X plane 10 or Prepar 3d???

Started by nobody, Wed, 30 Jul 2014 08:45

John Golin

For me, if Xplane would fix(read 'create'!) Botany Bay, have dynamic seasonal scenery, and regional buildings so that Sydney doesn't look like the suburbs of New York, it'd be a winner... so close :)
John Golin.


Well I am an X-Plane fan but will admit that FSX just has some really nice scenery and sky effects (often achieved through add-ons though rather than inherent graphics superiority).

- X-Plane has an advantage over P3D in that it is licensed for hobbyists and you don't have to worry about LM's license legalese.
- X-Plane has an advantage over FSX in that FSX is a dead product with no support or updates anymore (for me it crashes about 30% of the time now)
- X-Plane is also constantly being updated (may be a minus if it "breaks" the connection program with PSX)

However, as I understand it the X-Plane connection program is PC only. So if you are Mac user that may be a problem.

The advice to download the demo and try it out is sound. You should be able to see if it works for you that way at little/no risk. All plug-ins work but you are limited to the Seattle demo area for about 15 minutes. Plenty of time to see if it meets your needs (day/night appearance, etc.)

- Stekeller

John Golin

FYI  Microsoft has sold the  FS franchise - the new owner expects to have something our in 2015.
John Golin.


Quote from: John Golinif Xplane would fix(read 'create'!) Botany Bay

I understand from Ben Supnik, the X-Plane developer, that the Botany Bay problem will be fixed in some new scenery tiles rolled out with the final version of 10.30.  This should be real soon now as 10.30 Beta 7 has been out some time now and appears stable. Check the X-Plane website for updates.


John Golin

Well that is great news!
John Golin.