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Go Flight hardware and PSX

Started by Gunna, Tue, 29 Jul 2014 08:09



Just wondering if anyone has some experience (Beta testers) or thoughts on how the Go Flight hardware, such as the MCP Panel, may integrate with PSX.

Any ideas or suggestions, I would be really interested in.


Garry Richards

Hi Gunna,

I have used the GoFlight TQ6 throttle quadrant with PSX which sees it as a USB device with 6 axes and 4 switches. The throttles and speedbrakes can be assigned correctly but not the flaps because PSX offers only flaps switches via the USB interface.

The TQ6 uses the same switches for TOGA and reversers. One could be assigned as PSX TOGA, but the others don't work properly as reversers because the PSX switch function requires separate presses for each phase of reverser operation.

What all this means for TQ6 users is that a TQ6-PSX driver needs to be written to modify what the TQ6 sends to PSX through the USB interface or by using Q codes through the network.

I have no experience of the GoFlight MCP but the PSX USB interface doesn't offer MCP control so again a driver would need to be written using PSX Q codes over the network.

Fortunately PSX offers an excellent interface and documentation for programming such drivers and GoFlight provides programming information for its devices so if anyone wanted to write such drivers the information is there.





Thanks for that reply.

The idea of integrating some of their hardware with PSX would be fantastic, but clearly it needs some development on their side of it, or by a willing third party.

Cheers for the detailed response.