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¿Me Falta Un Tornillo?

Started by martin, Sat, 12 Jul 2014 18:03



following some of the ongoing discourses in particular with the Home Cockpit Builders, a thought occurred (yes, it does happen).

Soon enough and in due time, Hardy and Aerowinx will become famous, and their home town (village?) will wish to honour them (and thus themselves, which is the real purpose) e.g. by naming a street after them.

Pro-actively, here is a hint how this could be elegantly handled; the example comes from a Spanish community proudly sporting  the branch of a Nordic furniture shoppoplex.

In fact (and, again, thinking in particular of the Home Cockpit Builders), I do wonder if that very name might not be quite appropriate. It's Spanish, obviously, but even in a German town (village?), Calle Me Falta Un Tornillo doesn't sound half bad, don't you think? Nordic furniture evoking Southern vacations, all nicely European!