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Author Topic: PSX + X-Plane for scenery  (Read 320029 times)


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Re: PSX + X-Plane for scenery
« Reply #840 on: Sat, 9 Apr 2022 20:43 »
perhaps somebody is still reading this topic. I am trying to get XView running with X-Plane 11.55. Boost server is installed, current PSX version, and I downloaded the XView files, set up flightmodel and cfg file. Connection in the settings of the xview plugin is reported as connected to main and boost server (running all localhost). Airport elevation sync is enabled. Now the weird thing happens:
X-Plane just puts me over a water body at coordinates roughly 0.87N, 0.17E and then spins the view wildly around all axes until I freeze PSX, at which point it just stays in a random orientation at these coordinates. As soon as I release the pause, it spins again, situation reload, repositioning etc do not help. I believe I had it working yesterday once, but that was with the fresh installed Xplane version, and I did an update this morning then onto v11.55. I know it was mentioned that v11.55 is XView compatible, so what might I missing? It seems a bit like XView either writes to the wrong datarefs or receives wrong data...? Debug and normal log only contain normal start/shutdown messages.