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PSX + X-Plane for scenery

Started by mikeindevon, Tue, 8 Jul 2014 17:57


Xview is a scenery generator for PSX based on X-Plane.  Here is the introduction to the XView User Guide, which will give you some idea of the features.

XView is a program that provides Precision Simulator by Aerowinx (PSX) with world-wide scenery and spectacular lighting effects.  It is implemented as a plugin to the X-Plane flight simulator by Laminar Research and connects to PSX over a network.

In addition to detailed rendering of the scenery with accurate ground elevation, the system provides highly detailed airports with sloping runways and full runway and taxiway lighting.  The runway positions in X-Plane exactly match those in PSX so that there is no need for offsets.

XView feeds PSX with the scenery elevation, so if you fly into a mountain you will crash!  

XView uses the settings in PSX to drive the time of day, the weather, and comprehensive animation of most of the external parts of the aircraft, including

•   lights for landing, taxi, turn-off, beacon, wing, logo, strobe, navigation
•    flaps, ailerons, speed brakes, rudder, elevator, elevator trim
•    gear, sprung suspension, rotating wheels, steering nosewheel
•   reverse thrust cowling movement, fan rotation
•   two opening doors on port side

Aircraft traffic can be specified by either PSX or X-Plane and in either case the traffic shows up both in the scenery and in the cockpit Navigation Display (ND).  Operation with VATSIM should be possible.

PSX supports muli-pilot set-ups for flying as captain and co-pilot in one aircraft or as captains in two independent aircraft.  XView will generate the appropriate views in both cases.

To enable visual animation of the aircraft components a new aircraft has been developed for use with X-Plane.  It is called PSX Plane and is provided with XView, although its use is not essential.

Installation is simple: just a few files need to be added into the X-Plane directories.
X-Plane is a current product and is continually being extended by Laminar Research.  There is an active user community developing enhanced scenery and buildings for airports.

XView has taken a considerable time to develop and I hope it will be a useful addition to the PSX family.  It is Windows based and wupports X-Plane 9 and 10 in both 32- and 64-bit versions.



Thanks Mike, this are wonderfull news!

Best regards



Hi Mike.

Great news - seems I need to buy X-plane besides PSX. Have downloaded the demo and like the fluidity over FSX although I find the "look" of FSX more natural.

Thank you for contributing to the community!


Best regards


The XView User Guide is now available at  

Username :
Password  : 747Pilot

The software will be loaded in the same place later in July.


Roel Raeven

Thx Mike,

I wpuld love to have X-plane as a scenery generator.
Great work!



Sounds good!
Many thanks


Wow amazing, really looking forward to testing it out.

I am confused about the multi-pilot setup. I will have 2 PCs (a PSX PC running all the avionics for the Captain and FO, and another PC running Xplane for visuals). However your diagram does not seem to make that possible?

Pierre Theillere

Hello GodAtum!

The diagrams (as there are 2 diagrams, not one) show the multi-USER setup! For a multi-COMPUTER setup (with a single user), it's obviously possible, simply pointing XView towards PSx (Main and Boost) server IP address.
Pierre, LFPG


Thanks for your answer :)

Regarding weather, I guess Xview overrides any Xplane settings?

How well does Xview cope with 3 projectors on a curved screen?

Pierre Theillere


- weather: please read the XView manual. Answer's there.
- 3 projectors: that's a question for any X-Plane forum; or try the demo by yourself.
Pierre, LFPG


Quote from: GodAtumRegarding weather, I guess Xview overrides any Xplane settings?

Sorry I did not make myself clear. I was trying to clarify the sentance in the manual: "XView treats PSX as the master for weather". Does that mean Xview overrides the Xplane settings?


Quote from: GodAtumDoes that mean Xview overrides the Xplane settings?
Yes. This was decided because the weather affects the flight model, which of course is provided by PSX. The wind has little effect on the scenery, except the direction of windsocks on the ground and snow. The specification of  the weather is rather different in the two systems so the mapping of PSX weather onto X-Plane is not exact.  Not all XP weather variables are modified. However, the approach I have taken works well enough.



Thanks Mike.

Sounds awesome!

- Stekeller


Fantastic Mike!  This is going to be my compliment to PSX. I've got X-Plane waiting!

Christian Adrigan

Thank you very much, Mike.

XPX will be my choice for PSX scenery generation: sloped runways, runway offsets matching PSX, no microstutters, 64-bit code, free & up-to-date OSM data integration with World2Xplane, a huge freeware airport coverage and many assets more. Have been using the sim for quite a time now, and it steadily becomes better.

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers



Just checking the username and password for the link provided were still active as I couldn't get in.



Hi Andrew,

It works ok.  Remember to put the following in your browser address:

You will then be asked for the username and password:
username :
pw: 747Pilot

Let me know how you get on.



The full software package is now up on my server (details of login above).
Please let me know of any issues.



Thanks so much Mike! Now I just need PSX!