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Controlling PSX with an Apple trackpad?

Started by Keith Maton, Fri, 4 Jul 2014 12:17

Keith Maton

I'll be using PSX on my iMac and my primary pointing device is the Apple trackpad.

Is it possible to be able to control PSX successfully using the trackpad or would I be better off finding a cheap mouse to plug in?


Pierre Theillere

Hi Keith,

The (external) Apple TrackPad fully works fine for handling PSx... as I've been using it for quite some time on a MacBookPro plugged into an external display.
Please note that PSx doesn't recognize multitouch gestures, so don't expect pinch-zoom or such things. All PSx actions (on the pushbuttons, knobs, levers) are done with left-mouseclick, so no problem the TrackPad will provide those fine.
But, if you intend to use the TrackPad to handfly, it's not as easy is with a mouse... and of course it's better with a joystick or a yoke.
Pierre, LFPG

Keith Maton

Thanks Pierre,  I've found the old mouse I used to use so I'll plug that in if I have to.  I don't have any joysticks or yokes though as I've not flown anything for a few years so I'll see how I get on with the mouse before picking one up.


Hi Keith. I have an iMac with trackpad as well. In my experience with PSX, the trackpad interface is perfectly usable, with the caveat that for hand-flying the plane, you might want a joystick.

Some elaboration on the above: first, the trackpad is excellent for everything except hand-flying. The whole user interface is amenable to trackpad operation and you won't ever wish you had any other type of device. Hand-flying is a bit different than simple input operations though, so you might want something that brings a different type of control to the experience. Your milage may vary, as they say, and perhaps the trackpad will be enough for you. But for hand-flying, I'd recommend the cheapest USB joystick that you can find. You certainly don't need anything with an overkill of features and buttons.
Will /Chicago /USA