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touch screen stuff

Started by 400guy, Mon, 30 Jun 2014 21:56


There are several postings on this subject on page 2 of another thread.

Thought this would be a better place to continue this subject if there is any additional comment.

I requested info from, but still have not received any prices from the outfit that I posted a link to.

(I was interested in their smaller units to consider using as a cdu.)

So far the specs don't mean a lot to me!



Quote from: 400guyThere are several postings on this subject on page 2 of another thread.
...starting here.
(link just for convenience)


Russell Too

Hi jj
on page 22 of the user guide, I copied the picture onto my 32" TV and adjusted the size of the throttle quadrant to that of the real size. I found that my finger could easily
follow the coloured sections, as a mouse pointer would.

My requirements for the touch screen are capacitive glass screen
multi touch(just in case)
low price
about 23" diagonal.(seems to have the correct hight for full size)

My monitor research has been done on Amazon UK, and are just under £300 Sterling
there are many makes to choose from.

When I get my Disc I will buy one and try all the different scenarios,
before digging deep into my bank account.

I do hope we do not come across any insurmountable problems!

Kind regards


Kind regards


Got a price for one of the screens (just for your comparisons).

"Our open frame PRT 12.1 LED Backlit  RES Touchscreen is $368.00"

The outfit I contacted is:


Looks like they have quite a selection of screens that might be useful.


Russell Too

Hi jj
Nice site, a Little pricey:could not find the particular monitor on site.
My requirements are for a 23" Glass surface particularly  for the  two Pedestal
Monitors so that I can put a cup of coffee on top and wipe clean when I have crashed
Late at night.
I suspect that the "RES" stands for Resistance, These monitors tend to have a soft surface
and not suitable for horizontal mounting.

Many thanks for your input.
Will be in touch when I find the right price  and size.
Kind regards