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PSX + X-Plane 10 or Flight Gear for visuals?

Started by cagarini, Tue, 24 Jun 2014 11:05


Any support expected for either platform, X-Plane 10 or FlightGear 3?

Pierre Theillere

Hi jcomm!

PSx is fully able to drive X-Plane 10 (tested OK even with X-Plane 10.30 beta 5 on Windows) smoothly, including external lights, flight controls, flaps, gear, speedbrakes, main doors, nosewheel steering via a plugin called "XView" and a a slightly tweaked version for the included default 747.
Pierre, LFPG


Ah Pierre!

Thx a lot for the info! That's great to know!


Hi Pierre, thank you for the information.

Will the XView plugin be available in the default PSX installation or is it an add-on software which will be available for purchase or download (in the case it is freeware)?

Thank you. Cheers
Enrique Vaamonde

Pierre Theillere

Hi evaamo!

All addons will be available separately, from their respective websites, and won't be included in PSx DVD.
Pierre, LFPG


Do you know the website for the plug ins?


Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

Add-ons are released by individual developers and there is no single web site (yet). As most developers still need to finish up their stuff, there isn't a lot of noise, yet.