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PSX and Precision Flight Controls

Started by cavaricooper, Mon, 23 Jun 2014 16:57


Thrilled to DL the manual and see light at the end of this magnificent tunnel!  Ta Hardy!

That said, I currently sim in FSX with a Precision Flight Controls Cirrus II Console.  Unfortunately, it is the older SERIAL version, with PFCFSX.dll (Pete Dowson) providing input to FSX.

Since I do have a serial card in my PC, will there be a way for PSX to understand my inputs, or am I resigned to purchasing new USB controls? (HINT HINT Jeroen)

Fingers x'ed, there's someone on the beta team using PFC.....?

Best- Carl
Carl Avari-Cooper, KTPA


I dont know about the serial connection / the driver.
Before you throw the yoke away, you can give it to me.. :)

No, honestly. As far as I can see, all the thing does, is getting
info out of the potentiometers and switches and send signals
to the computer.

If you know how to solder (or learn it), you can take the
old electronics out and put a new card (like arduino, leo bodnar...)
inside. The computer will then accept it as a general human interface
device via USB.
Its not that easy, but not that hard either. If you are
dedicated, you can do it on your own.


Thanks!  More than willing to learn- I do have a friend that can solder very well (even re-flows stuff).  Hopefully someone here has done exactly that and upgraded their PFC stuff to USB...... anyone?

Carl Avari-Cooper, KTPA


You can also buy a serial to usb adapter. I have the same problem with an old serial ch flightsim yoke. When PSX is out I will give the adapter a try.


I think the adapter wont work, as they usually only support certain
systems (like 2 axis joystick with 6 buttons) - the PFC system
has a lot more functions. Only an assumption, though.


Most serial/USB adapters are rubbish- at least for FS- and so the serial card.

Brainbox does seem slightly promising....

Carl Avari-Cooper, KTPA

John Golin

After struggling to find drivers compatible with the Aerosoft MCP USB interface, I  used a Serial-USB adapter to get the Aerosoft MCP working in Windows 8.1.

I wish I'd done it earlier rather than fiddling around trying to find drivers!
John Golin.

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

There is serial and serial.

If you happen to catch hardware that uses serial as specified by RS-232, with the normal bit stream and the normal control lines, you usually can go with USB-to-serial adapters just fine.  However if somebody got creative, and uses the lines and RX/TX pins basically to bit-bang in whatever way deemed suitable, you're out of luck.



I will gladly try the adaptor... But everything I've read is not positive about them functioning with the PFC stuff- hence my serial card.

Does anyone know of a place/individual that will rewire my existing console with a Leo Bodnar/Arduino card and turn it into a full USB version?  I'd gladly upgrade the pots to Hall sensors at the same time.....

Hardy- ready with my Visa- is it AUGUST YET????


Carl Avari-Cooper, KTPA