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Aerowinx Operations Manual - Preview

Started by Hardy Heinlin, Sat, 21 Jun 2014 15:43

Roel Raeven

Since we are all waiting for august, one questions keeps on popping up in my head:

What's is/was your drive Hardy to develope PSX?

Currently I'm on a business trip in the Southern part of Germany (near Chiemsee, Seebrück) and if I recall correctly Hardy lives in the southern part of this country, so it keeps me wondering that he spent months/years behind a computerscreen instead of going out  to ride a mountainbike or hitchhiking in the mountains.

Twisted mind or just another spirit?  :mrgreen:

Hardy Heinlin

No, I'm living on the dark side of the moon, waiting for a space capsule to carry me back to Earth. Luckily, I've been having an iMac with me, to play with while waiting ...


Hardy, wonderful to hear that PSX will be out soon! The manual already looks awesome.
I' d have an additional question that I could not find out yet from the preview manual: will it be possible in PSX (likewise in PS1.3) to load and store situational / example "videos" ? (e.g. how to perform a night-time approach in Kathmandu)?

Thank you!

Hardy Heinlin

No, it would have been too complicated to implement a PS1 video macro system in PSX. It was easy to implement in PS1, but not so in PSX. Meanwhile, the Internet got YouTube etc., and screen recorders, and high-speed Internet, and big hard disks ... so that's the method now anyway.

But a situation file system is included. Sure.





I was so happy to hear that you have completed PSX. I placed my order today. I can't wait to get my hands on PSX, it looks like once again you have created an amazing program. When did we meet in Washington, DC was it was 1999?


Hardy Heinlin

Hi Sirraj,

it was in 1998, at Paul Story's house. Barbecue party :-)

Good to see you again. Welcome aboard!

Thank you!




Can't wait!  Just placed my order.
Los Angeles, CA

Matt Sheil

Quote from: B747422Can't wait!  Just placed my order.
WoW MosseY
 Love your work

Hardy Heinlin


Picked up a version from Matt Sheil yesterday, however it is my wife's Christmas present to me, so I will have to wait to get my hands on it.

Thoughtful of her to let me buy it so she can hand it to me on Christmas morning though....
 ;) :)

Well done!
Alex Boyd... Sydney, Australia


Hi All

This is voyager From Antalya , Turkey  actually fan from the PS1 times but newbie at forum .

Sorry for that i couldnt find newcomers page so i landed to here .

have nice takeoffs and landings .

Voyager .

Hardy Heinlin

Hi Voyager,

welcome! :-)




Thank you so much Hardy .

I will enter to my new office :) ..  and there is tons of things that must  polished .

ETD is not early then 2015 at least .

Cheers .


Keith Maton

I've finally saved up enough cash and have placed my order today so I'm really looking forward to that arriving from Aerosoft next week (cheaper than buying from Transair in the UK).

One question which is sort of related to this thread.  Has anyone in the UK used a professional service to print the manual?  I really feel as though I'd like a proper printed manual to be able to thumb through.


Hi Keith!

(Long time no chat — I hope all is well with you).   8-)

All I can say is that I investigated prices at my local print shops, and if I had wanted something printed in colour and bound (which I did), it was going to cost me over £100 at all of them (give or take a little, but not much).

So in the end I ordered a supply of compatible printer cartridges and printed the whole thing out double-sided on 90gsm paper for around £20+ using my inkjet printer. (And a bit of patience). Add in the cost of a four-ring binder (and the paper) from my local Rymans/Partners/you-name-it and it cost me around £30 in the end. And Hardy's manual is a great resource!   :-)

YMMV, of course....


(Author of "The Big Tutorial" for PS1, and "Getting started with PSX" Parts 1, 2, and 3).

Keith Maton

Hey Brian, all is well here and it's nice to see you still so active.  It has been a long time since we spoke.

I didn't even consider printing it myself!  I don't own a colour printer but I do have access to one so if I think about it, printing it shouldn't be a problem.  I see that it's A5 sized so it'd just be a case of sourcing some decent quality A5 paper and blagging some print time!  Another option would be to print oversized on A4 but I think that might be a little bit large for casual handling in my shack.

I also would have to figure in the cost of a hole punch as well as a binder but as I wouldn't be paying for any ink/toner, it would still be a big saving.

Good idea  :)

I'm wishing now that I'd never sold my old Aerosoft MCP as that would be great to use with PS X but times change and it would have been sitting idle here for many years.  I do need to sort myself out a joystick have just bitten the bullet and bought a Thrustmaster HOTAS-X.

But I'm getting a long way off topic for this thread!


Hi Keith,

I'm in the UK and used an online printer called Dox Direct. They printed the manual in black and white and put it into a ring binder for me. It cost £33 back in November. Delivery was next day, I think.