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747-400 reading suggestion

Started by Matt Sheil, Sat, 14 Jun 2014 23:34

Hessel Oosten


Link above is now corrected.

For some reason beyond my knowledge, the following happens here when making a message here with a link:

I put the correct link in the message.
Highlight the link and choose the URL-icon.
After that always is ADDED in front to (!) the correct link.

Now I will put the link into the message and make by hand it embedded in *url* .....*/url*. (Replace here of course the * with a [ or ].
Than it goes as expected.

Just saw  that Hardy did already gave the right link.

Will nevertheless upload this message so people can see what's happening with the ""- problem.



Now that we have moved on t0 PSX, do you think it possible and/or appropriate to post "A Pilot's Introduction to Flying the Boeing 747-400 with AEROWINX® Precision Simulator (PS1) V1.3a and the Big Tutorial with passwords?

My original PS1 materials are the victim of 6 moves since 2004 and lost to me.

I for one would really appreciate having the two files above ... I'm sure that since they refer to the previous release, Hardy would not object.

Thanks for your consideration

Paul Benoit  (struggling to get moving with PSX)

Hessel Oosten


All of Brian's BIG TUT is here:

and even faster here:



Specifically, with passwords, at -



(Author of "The Big Tutorial" for PS1, and "Getting started with PSX" Parts 1, 2, and 3).


Thanks Very much for the links!!!!  Much appreciated.  

Happy flying!!!
Paul Benoit


400guy: In case this was not answered earlier regarding Americanisms (I did not see one) a "gouge" is the information that fellow pilots put together from their interview or check ride experiences to share with others to share what certain employers or examiners will ask for, or typical trick questions they like to ask, etc.

- Stekeller


Thank you, Stekeller!    8)

The question was mine (having read several of Mike Ray's excellent books, and indeed reviewed one for PC Pilot magazine back in the days of PS1), and 400guy had put me on the right track - but thank you for the additional information!    :D


(Author of "The Big Tutorial" for PS1, and "Getting started with PSX" Parts 1, 2, and 3).