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Java & Retina Displays

Started by Steve H, Sat, 8 Feb 2014 02:45


QuoteWhat issues do you see on your Mac?

The MCP and EFIS graphics do not display correctly, and I don't get more than 16/20 fps....  

as said, with the QuickRes app, it works fine....



please see the update here:


It appears that installing the JDK solves the issue - Ive installed jdk-8u11-macosx-x64, another user has installed JDK7, and both seem to work in full retina resolution.....

There is some heating up on my laptop, so keep an eye out for this....  but PSX works as advertised with the JDK.....




For info:

My Macbook Pro has updated it self to JAVA 1.8 and it works way better with no 1 FPS on startup on my Retina Macbook.

Java Runtime Environment version:   1.8.0_05
Java Runtime Environment vendor:   Oracle Corporation
JVM specification version:   1.8
JVM specification vendor:   Oracle Corporation
JVM specification name:   Java Virtual Machine Specification
JVM version:   25.5-b02
JVM vendor:   Oracle Corporation
JRE specification version:   1.8
JRE specification vendor:   Oracle Corporation
JRE specification name:   Java Platform API Specification
Java class format version number:   52.0
JIT compiler to use:   null

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