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Motion platforms

Started by the mad hatter, Wed, 11 Dec 2013 21:49

the mad hatter

Hi Hardy
With the new PSX how will we get it to talk to a motion platform (stewart style ) 6 doff hydraulic.. It seems that the older style platforms although still strong and workable that the code is written in FORTAN or Fortan (I think I spelt it right). I do not believe that I could ever get such a platform to function in its existing state.!  

I know MS has a motion platform but I am not sure if is its 3 or 6 DOFF. And I am curious to see how this topic was resolved? or how such an issue can or could be resolved using PSX

Once again thanks

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

It all depends on what data input the motion platform requires. Typically you won't even be able to change its software, it all runs on boxes that are inaccessible. All you need is to know what data stream to stick into the box, via serial or ethernet or whatever other connection they provide.

PSX has been designed to drive both scenery generators and motion platforms with the usual data items, such as position, velocities, and accellerations in 3 dimensions (plus time). For a very limited number of motion platforms there is or will be driver software produced by third parties.


John Golin

PSX doesn't interface with any product 'out of the box' per se - rather it makes it easy for third parties to get the data they need and translate it for their own use.

PSX makes available information on not only the state of the cockpit instruments and interfaces, but also of course the position and velocity of the aircraft.

With that background, there hasn't been any interface software developed yet for either of the products you described in your posts - someone would need to create it...

The only interface programs announced so far, or that I have heard rumours around are;

- Flight Simulator X / Prepa3d ( & VATSIM)
- XPlane 10
- Google Earth
- Flightdeck  Solutions hardware

Rumoured, potential, in progress:
- Serial GPS feed
- Aerosoft MCP
- Arduino libraries
- CPFlight MCP

Manufacturers and providers should be able to quickly adapt their systems to PSX  once it is released should they choose to do so...

edit: hoppie beat me to it :)
John Golin.

Peter Lang

Hello John,

does Flightdecksolutions hardware also mean the Tekworx interface cards?
Hope so :-)



Yes it does.  Working on that with Brent now.



Peter Lang

Thats good news.



the mad hatter

hi @ JH

are third party suppliers inmotion as they seem to be able to do this and the others that you might suggest :-) thanks

John Golin

Quote from: the mad hatterhi @ JH

are third party suppliers inmotion as they seem to be able to do this and the others that you might suggest :-) thanks

Not sure where Hoppie is  I know he is busy at the moment though :)

There is nothing additional to report regarding integration with 3rd party products... when PSX is released it should be fairly easy for 3rd parties to quickly integrate with PSX if they choose to do so - we'll have to wait and see what happens.
John Golin.