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Started by J D ADAM, Sun, 16 Aug 2009 22:37


Hi All
        Up to now I have been using the EPIC VerD card to run my FBT. With the advent of PSX I realize That I will have to use a faster computer, which of course will need an ISA slot, and I am afraid this is old technology.  I have a USB EPIC card which will need re programming.
My question is:- is anybody else using a ISA EPIC and what are their intentions re the advent of PSX
I have tried to e-mail Matt Sheil who I know is using EPIC ISA but the mail will not deliver.
Derek Adam

Matt Sheil

Hi Derek, yes my mail is playing up at the moment try again.
I am not sure what I will be using yet, but It would not be EPIC at this stage, too many new easy products on the market.
Look at Photon and Simboards.
I have simboards on my overhead already and it works fine.
Peter Sagar is working on Photon boards also that should work with PSX, we should have lots of options when the time comes, still a long way to go before having to make this dicision.

Michel Vandaele

Hello Derek,
With all the new possibilities as Phidgets and eventually also the FDS interface boards, I don't think I would use EPIC; It is a little old fashion these days.

Info phidgets :
Flightdecksolutions :

Anyway there will be plenty of choice I think.

B. Rgds
Board member  FSCB
EBOS Scenery Designteam
My B744 project


Thank you Gentlemen for your replies. I guess the thought of rewiring for new boards could be a little daunting.Unfortunately at my age I am running out of years!
 As with all the forum members, the expected release of PSX, seems to be soooo long into the future.


Garry Richards

Hi Derek,

Why not keep your existing hardware setup and buy a new PC just for PSX?




Thanks for the suggestion Garry.
The point is that I want to continue using my cockpit as it is. A  fast computer (which I have) has not got an ISA slot for the EPIC Rev D daughter board. At the moment I am trying (with the help of Ralph Robinson) to reprogram a USB version of EPIC which appears to be more stable. Also I can use Ivan's Windows based PS13, which is also a bonus.



Hi All,
          It struck me this morning that, as PSX is being re written in a different language to PS13,  any programming involved with EPIC and B2E will be completely redundant.  I am not conversant with programming (other than that which is simple) but could somebody such as Hardy tell me will memory addresses become redundant or change in the new product?


Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

Even PS1.3 never used memory addresses. Everything was done via the Broker, therefore via network connections.

However if you mean the actual numbers will change, yes they will -- and not a little bit. Although the basic principle of a program such as B2E will remain the same, in practice you really have to start from scratch. B2E is not re-usable for PSX.

Matt Sheil

Hi Derek, I will be removing the EPIC when I upgrade to PSX,  but not all the wiring, this does not have to change, you will just need to buy the new style plug and play USB cards on the market and connect your existing wires to these. In regards to programing you will not have anything to do, most of the new cards come with drop down menus to select the relevant function to asaign to PSX.
Hardy is doing most of the hard work for us this time. ;-)