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Started by farrokh747, Sat, 9 Jun 2012 20:10


Quote from: "Youtube"GEMA has not granted the respective music publishing rights.
Wow. The guys in question would not approve, I'm sure.

I knew GEMA cashes in on behalf of artists (or so we hope; I am sure they funnel some dosh off for their own bureaucracy), but I wasn't aware they are in a position to "grant" (gewähren), or not, German "publishing rights" for anyone in the world.

Proxies are your friend.


Should GEMA not approve of those either, search Youtube or DuckDuckGo for "Gyuto".
If GEMA lets you.

Good Luck,
Martin "Global Player" E.

Hardy Heinlin

It's not unusual these days. Almost all company made music clips on Youtube are not available in Germany. Shiv's Runaway link is blacked out, too. In such cases I usually search for alternate clips that were recorded outside of Germany, e.g. BBC TV shows or concert clips etc.




Quote from: Hardy HeinlinAlmost all company made music clips on Youtube are not available in Germany
Yes, but why are they blocked by the German GEMA, and not by the producing/distributing companies, thus "at the source", as it were?

I thought GEMA's job was the collection of "royalties" (probably not the correct term) for German artists and their works (possibly including performances/reproduction abroad), but not enforcing the rights of foreign companies in Germany.

Then again, what do I know; and it's 30 year old semi-knowledge anyway  :)

[size=8][content not visible in Germany, Best regards, GEMA][/size]

Hardy Heinlin

I think they are blocked by Youtube. Everyone can complain at Youtube if there is a copyright infringement. GEMA complainted. Basically all commercially available music on Youtube are uploaded without written permission, they are just silently tolerated by the copyright holders.

QuoteI thought GEMA's job was the collection of "royalties"
Yes, and when somebody doesn't pay where something has to be paid, GEMA does its job, too :-)


hey peter lang do you have the aerowinx flight simulator 1.0