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747-400 Cockpit Available on eBay

Started by stekeller, Sat, 14 Apr 2012 21:40

the mad hatter

ah you got it from UAM at Walnut Ridge ?   the answer is yes because they did the tear downs for JAL.... and they have all gone now (bar 1), and chewed up by the chipper  I thought you brought one out of the UK as well but I am old and my memory poor why we pay a fortune for what is scrap metal beats me and I am guilty of that..

did you get the windows ?
are you going to use the aircraft buses?
was the deck next to the dock to get that shipping quote because Walnut Ridge is in Arkansas and 10k is a bargain to Perth unless you shipped it out of Port A
so did you have it cut smaller than what they advertised so it was a not a wide load

well Blake here is the kicker for 100k you can get level d motion hydraulic platform and collimated visual system complete with cables pumps mirrors projectors in short everything to make your 747-400 llevel "D" qualified because I think that was your objective right so 130K for a level d sim less the electronic panels which you are making is a bargain show us some pics when it arrives

Blake H

No scraped the UK idea. Good memory. Yes from Walnut ridge. The shipping was through a Perth company. It has taken 1 year just to get to here. Finally have a date this month. It has had quite a little journey. Trucked to Atlanta then shipped to Spain, then through the Panama canal, then to Melbourne and somewhere in between here and Melbourne. If time is on your side then a cheaper option might be worth it. Just will sit on a dock for a while. I now have 2 seats from a 737-400 with rails sitting in my living room. 1500 each from the Aircraft historical society. $128 USD shipping no lie. Must have been a mistake by the shipper.

With regards to the cockpit no windows. They are heavy anyway. 2mm plastic will be a better option.
Maybe use the buses in the future.
The aircraft had to go on a flat pack. The container option was too small for the rudder pedals linkages.
28k for a 6 dot motion platform 2g 45 degree tilt and 2500kg payload the cockpit is 950kg. On it way as well. :). MSFS and xplanes plug and play drivers for the platform.
The visuals will be 3 projector configuration on a circular screen like Matt Shiel's 4.5m radius. My weekends have been very busy. Plus doing a Dash 8 100/300 type rating this month.

Panels are now finish, more expensive then what I originally thought. Big thanks to Flight deck solutions. Major time saver and the quality is just awesum. DSUZ.   :D

All I need is another year of construction and hopefully PSX is coming.

Photos on my new canon coming as soon as it gets here. I won't be able to sleep. It is like waiting for Xmas when your a kid.

The only difference between the men and the boys is the size of their toys. :D


As for the history of the plane, the -121 designation for N682UP was the giveaway. Boeing has customer code numbers and 21 was Pan Am's. Now for where it went after that, I went back into and made a search by the N682UP tail number, and just click on the CN numbers in parentheses after the registration and it will pull up all photos of that particular aircraft production number. You will see photos of "your" plane in Pan Am and Flying Tigers liveries. Like I said - I am jealous.

- Stekeller

the mad hatter

@ Stekeller  as we say in TX "y'all come on down son" bring  jeans and boots and we will cook some cow drink some beers and tell lies... Seriously you are are more than welcome to pop down Austin TX .. make it soon I could use another pair of hands

@ Blake  eemmm you are in for some fun times ahead,, how do you propose to fit the overhead panels  from FDS to your overhead I assume the deck has the original overhead frame still attached right?.. would be grateful to see more on the visual systems in particular distances etc etc have you heard of these chaps for the screen?


Thanks mad hatter! That is very kind of you - will have to look at my schedule.

- Stekeller

the mad hatter

wow... from 30- to 10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!


"Shipping: Not Available to Finland"


the mad hatter

Martin I agree at 10k its a bargain !!!!!!!!!! if you really want it have it shipped to TX then I will ship it to Finland no biggie email me or skype


Thanks for the generous offer, that's really very kind, and shows again what a great community the PS1 Madmen are;  but I was only joking (as usual...)

I'll have to stick with Virtual Cockpits, and restrict myself to bargains in the grocery dept.  ;)




Sorry to burst your bubble  ;)  , but 10K was the starting bid, placed by the seller - not a 'buy it now' price....  there must have been a reserve, since the auction has ended without a sale, and the item has been re listed here:  

my guess is that the reserve will be in the 20>25k region.....  

still, not bad....



Can someone explain me why shipping "Not Available to Israel" (not that this is a deal breaker)?

Avi Adin

Shiv Mathur

Again, I don't know if you guys are joking ... but it says 'Ships to: United States'.

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

Darn, then I cannot get it to Miami.

the mad hatter

@ Avi... because you chaps are on Santa's naughty boy list.. which means it requires special permission to leave the U.S I think its a brokered deal through UAM and an ex JAL puppy....but don't hold me to that!  I thought he said ships... "Worldwide" I guess Texas is the World ;-)


I wonder if this page is a dynamic one.
Do you see (in eBay) the remark I see?

Avi Adin

John H Watson

The remark is different here, Avi

"Shipping: $0.01 Standard Shipping | See details "

"Delivery: Estimated between Fri. Dec. 7 and Thu. Dec. 13 (?)"

the mad hatter

"SOLD"   to me :-)))))))))))

now I have the following for sale from a 300 ( which means parts are grey)

Jokes with connection linkages
Rudders with boxes and columns
Control wheels with switching and wiring ( black with counters)
FE Station ( can fully populate it ) make great Instructor station
All panels (populated) 2x MFD,s but has 747-300 CDUs and radios
trim ( wall liners) complete
TQ with connection linkages still insitu ( pain to remove)
all cannon plugs etc etc
A/C piping and venting

basically a complete flight deck stripped ( I am keeping windows)  

from the 400..... CB panels (overhead)
                          full set of seats with rails (no headrests and grey very tidy with grey sheep skin) or I have a stripped set of seats cushions poor condition and blue but frames soild
                          MIP frame
                          Glare including lighting and under-glare shields (un-populated)
                          flight deck ( currently..whole L1 section  with doors) can cut to suit
                          TQ and ped

all the nuts bolts and screws to match (not labelled).

located in Georgetown TX will ship anywhere including Israel and deepest darkest Peru ;-) thought would offer it here first before evil bay can store until ready for pickup ... for members payment plan okay. Its no going anywhere in a hurry and I have the space

If arranging own transport requires lowboy and forklift with extentions widest point cut 12ft at rear and 10ft tall currently 17 wide and 21 ft long very easy access.

Greg Hateley

I'm interested in some items.
Send you PM.