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Advanced high-speed water drop photography

Started by Phil Bunch, Mon, 13 Feb 2012 16:45

Phil Bunch

Markus Reugels' high-speed, multi-drop, multi-color water drop photos are just amazing, like nothing I have seen before:

I recommend scrolling down through his photos and folders.  I can't imagine how it is possible to cause multiple water drops to do some of the things he shows here.  His lighting is also high quality, further evidence of his unusual abilities as a photographer and artist.  

Also see his Liquid Sculptures folder for dancing water figures,  They are created by feeding digital signals to a balloon-covered loudspeaker.  Acrylic paint is then poured onto water that sits on top of the balloon.  The paint-covered water surface develops resonances, creating "water figures"!

I've put his flickr photos on my Apple TV, connected to a large LCD TV, creating a digital slide show.  I just leave the show running as a sort of wallpaper.  The Apple TV box makes this very easy and inexpensive ($100 US dollars for the box)  to use one's flickr contacts as source material.

His home page is below (German language):

I have very limited skills in the German language, but worked OK at a functional level for his web pages.
Best wishes,

Phil Bunch