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Video of PSX Alpha 55

Started by Hardy Heinlin, Wed, 4 Jan 2012 13:10

Hardy Heinlin

I just took a raw video of the iMac screen using a Canon XL1s video camera. This is  photographic material, no screenshots, that is, there are real photo exposure effects, i.e. dark areas are too dark, bright ones too bright etc. Also, the resolution is very low, and the film frame rate is only 25 fps. But I think you still might get an impression of the smooth motion of PSX. If you take the motion of that video, and take the 1:1 sharpness of the screenshots in the other forum threads, and combine both in your mind, then you might imagine the real PSX in motion :-)

Edit: Meanwhile there are two versions, the first one has a better video quality.

Version 1 on
720 x 576, 25 fps

Version 2 on Youtube
600 x 480, less than 20 fps





I really enjoyed looking at that video! A pleasant 2012 taster.

Absolutely brilliant!

The working radar is great and that is just one thing.



Absolutely spectacular HH!

- Stekeller

Richard McDonald Woods

That is so smooth, Hardy. It's a wonder.
Cheers, Richard

Michel Vandaele

I can't find more superlatives ;)   Spectacular, Brialliant, amazing stuff.

As I said before Hardy, I can't wait to start connecting it to my hardware ;)

Many greetings
Board member  FSCB
EBOS Scenery Designteam
My B744 project

Jeroen D


FANTASTIC ! :mrgreen:



As an amateur programmer I can appreciate the work that has gone into this sim.  I can't wait to get my hands on it!  :P

ps:  I also have the Canon XL1s, its a great camera, I've had it for many years.


Walter Kranl

I'm speechless!

Walter   :shock:

Flying Mick

Servus Hardy!
You really did Your homework ! Very nice - without words...
Hope not to engaged the EVAC - Button!

CanĀ“t wait to get a copy - You know that :o)

Greeting from

Peter Lang

Hi Hardy,

watching this Video I only had one question: Why still Alpha Version?

This seems to be a BIG understatement. Is there still so much stuff to do?

Hammerhart! Its really great. Thanks for publishing this.



Hardy and "old" PS friends,

First, Happy, healthy, and successful 2012 to ALL.

I am blown away by the video!!!!.  Thanks very much for posting this Hardy.  I have been following this forum with great anticipation for years, and now it appears that the end of your development process might be in sight!!!.  All I can say is that I am patiently waiting!!!! and looking forward to this masterpiece!!!  If you are looking for an additional tester, pls let me know, I am now retired, and even though I'm teaching part time, have three days a week to offer!!! I'd be most honored and happy to help in whatever way I can!!

Cheers to all,

Paul Benoit

PS  Just read a testing topic below and see you wre all set!!!.  Way back a few years, i worked with Ralph Tofflemire on his wonderful RFP 747-200 project.  My role was to prepare the documentation, user manual, tutorials and such.  Lots of effort and lots of typing, and lots of fun.  I'd like to volunteer to support this effort if you have a requirement.  I'm not a pilot, but a good documentation person, and have a full set of 744 manuals,  and I can even type, albeit slowly.!!!!, I have a Mac Mini, multiple PCs, and an iPad, so I'm well equipped!!!



Bravo bravo bravo - !!  a great start to 2012....


Hi Hardy,

woow, this preview video is the best a year can start with!

If I would be George Clooney, I would say: PSX, what else?  8)

Thanks for sharing this video, and all your work!



I don't think watching this was such a good idea.


Peter Lang

Quote from: MarianoI don't think watching this was such a good idea.

Watch it several times. This helps :-)


Shiv Mathur


What can one say, Hardy?  Just salaams.

[size=8](I know what you mean, Mariano ... it's almost
unbearable to watch ... an ache in the chest.)[/size]


Yes, absolut incredible.
But for me much more incredible is, that this masterpiece has done one man alone!
Hardy du bist scho a Hund  ;-)
Thank you for sharing the video and good luck for your future work.
Servus from Bavaria


Gentlemen, gentlemen... please.

Just "keep calm and carry on."

PS: Let me know how it works out for you. Not having much success over here.

John Golin

Hardy - you should upload that to Youtube or something so your hosting site doesn't get swamped!

edit: you could even upload in HD to Youtube :)

edit#2 - I just realised thats YSSY 16R! :)
John Golin.