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Started by emerydc8, Sun, 16 Oct 2016 07:03


A bit late, but thank you Jon for these nice videos


Thanks. Those were made so long ago that I don't even remember making them. Being on the 767 for three years makes it seem even longer.


I'm still going through all of it cautiously, trying to learn each and every bit, mostly energized by the very didactic way they were created but also the ENERGY brought by the NG FMC update HH brought to live recently.

Probably some of those videos could be updated to the NG logic / features, but that would certainly mean a LOT of work...


Just wanted to say thanks again for making these... with the arrival of the NG FMC has come a mew enthusiasm for VNAV approaches, so your two videos on that topic are especially welcome!
Will /Chicago /USA


One question, Jon... On your second VNAV approach video, you showed a demo where you extended from the runway threshold fix, and mentioned (at 10:49) that a good time to turn base was when the vertical path deviation scale showed the aircraft being 1000 below the profile. And on your demo, you had the sim paused for a while with the vertical deviation showing 1540 feet below the profile.

I tried that on a downwind leg on a return-to-land circuit, initially with the downwind leg on HDG SEL. The FMC showed me NOT ON INTERCEPT HDG, which I understand, but the vertical deviation scale was missing. So I couldn't use it to determine when to turn base. It wasn't until I was already established on base that LNAV showed me the vertical path scale and pointer. Did I set it up wrong?
Will /Chicago /USA

Hardy Heinlin

When the vertical deviation scale is not displayed, you are in ACT CLB or ACT CRZ. I guess you were at or above your new CRZ ALT.



Aha. Thanks, Hardy, you were right. I flew the circuit again, making sure I was in ACT DES at the right time, and the vertical deviation scale was right where it should have been.
Will /Chicago /USA


BTW, that 1000' under rule-of-thumb came from an Atlas sim instructor.

Jason M Tutwiler

Brilliant stuff.  Thank you!
Jason M. Tutwiler


Just come back to PSX after a couple of years away. Thanks for these videos; much to digest!
Greetings from the mountains of Northern Thailand (VTCC),
Chris Stanley.


Hello Jon,

First of all, thank you very much for making and sharing these videos!

While scrolling through your list and watching some videos of yours, I noticed that several are set as "private" by youtube and hence cannot be watched.

Is that on purpose? Is there another way to view them?

Here is the list of the ones I found to be private:
- HKG EO escape
- Airway to exit point (original)
- FLCH trap
- Alt intv
- T/O Stall
- NAT course reversal
- V1 cut JFK
- North pole
- REF N1

Thank you,

Best Regards


Recently, Youtube turned all unlisted videos into private for some reason. I thought  I had changed them back, but I guess some of them weren't changed. I'll see what I can do. Thanks!

Okay, they should all be available now. Please let me know if they're not.


I can see all of your vdos, thanks


Hello Jon,

Thank you very much, I can also see them all now.

Thank you for producing these videos.



Is there an option for me to buy all these videos strictly for personal use? Sometime ago, the videos created by emerydc8 were in my playlist on Youtube and got wiped out. At that point, I wanted to have these videos for offline viewing reference.

For an enthusiast like me, these videos are very valuable.
747 is not an airplane, it is a symbol of inspiration....


Hi Vnangli,

I don't know if I even have these video files anymore, other than those I uploaded to Youtube, and those should be available on page 1. Don't they make a software program or app to save them to your computer from Youtube?

N.B.: Britjet's videos are much better if you're going to study anything.



My experience is so long as I am signed into to Chrome, then I get a download option on YouTube. However, download is no more than 720p even is 1080 is available.
Alternatively with the owners permission you could look to see if some screenrecording software would do what you need?


@emerydc8 and CarlBB, I was trying to own a clean copy that the creator would approve off. Thank you both for your responses.
747 is not an airplane, it is a symbol of inspiration....


Hi Jon,

I'm extremely grateful for the videos you uploaded. Good choice of topics by the way!
I was having some struggles with VNAV, speed window openning, and E/O drift-downs. Your explanations were clear and concise.

I hope you'd have some time to spare in the future and start making more!

Mohammadreza Farhadi
Ex-pilot, current aerospace student