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Enhancement Requests

Started by Gary Oliver, Tue, 20 Jan 2015 15:59

Gary Oliver


A couple of requests following on from our 48 hour stream:-

1) Resolve the excessive APU Fuel Burn - I think you already know about this?

2) Ability to keep the PSX window title the same.  At the moment it shows 'Client xx' which means we have to keep resetting our window capture program when we restart PSX.

3) Ability to choose soundcard to output to.  We have set the default sound device to where we want the twitch stream to be picked up from which is fine for PSX sounds.  The problem is our system default sounds go out via this speaker meaning that vPilot sounds for text alerts etc all go through twitch rather than the headsets.  I will hassle the vPilot author to make a change to vPilot but you are our go to guy :-)

Also I hope you dont have any issues with us streaming PSX, even if Britjet gets the CB's mixed up  :lol:

Kind Regards


With regards to 3) it would seem from my limited research that cross-platform Java support for soundcard selection is very poor which is possibly why it's not already in there (I would welcome the 'insider' view from Hardy on this).

If soundcard selection is not possible, would it be possible to have a selectable number of output channels. At the moment, there are 2 (Left and Right) but it would be good if you could (for example) increase this to 6 channels, then giving you 6 columns of tickboxes on the Preferences >> Audio page.

FYI; the reason why Gary is has asked for this is because I'm currently putting together a proof of concept for a software digital audio mixer system that will take in audio from multiple instances of PSX (for 'Headphone Captain', 'Headphone First Officer' & 'Headphone Observer', controlled by the 3 hardware ACPs) and mix this with vpilot & skype (also controlled by the 3 hardware ACPs), then output on 4 seperate mix buses (3 for the 3 headphones and the 4th for the live web stream).

Alternatively, could PSX accept sound inputs for any of the ACP channels (i.e. VHF L & Satcom)?


Hi macaba, have you seen Virtual Audio Cable, its really useful for mixing audio sources.

Hardy Heinlin


1. Already resolved in 10.0.2 (not released yet).

2. That modification work would take some hours and would also have an impact on the design philosophy: whenever the mouse is changing the layout, the title also displays data about the frame size, subframe zoom, etc. How long does it take to reset your capture program. Is it just one mouse click or something more complex?

3. PSX uses OpenAL and that provides one stereo channel pair only. I'm sorry, no chance. -- By the way, John Golin has already developed a mixer add-on for the ACPs to interface multiple physical sound channels. Perhaps he has something to sell? :-)

QuoteAlso I hope you dont have any issues with us streaming PSX, even if Britjet gets the CB's mixed up :lol:
Of course not :-) It's fun to watch you guys!




I would love to have a pushback addon too, something that is able to fine tune pushback length or follow taxi lines.

Where can I download John Golin's mixer?

Hardy Heinlin

A more complex pushback model may be something for a later update. Too much work to be implemented in the upcoming 10.0.2.

More on John's mixer:

Gary Oliver


1) Excellent :-)

2) The issue is with the window name at startup, it doesn't matter if it changes when the mouse is moving.  It looks like we just use the window name to get the window handle.  It would be great that the default title bar is always the same.  If this is a big hassle then don't worry.  To be fair a config entry in the .prefs file would be sufficient so no GUI changes.

3) No worries! Macaba has a plan ( :roll: )

48 hours non stop flying and not a single software crash... PSX has changed our world.


Hardy Heinlin

Can you tell your capture system the expected title manually in advance? E.g. can you tell it the title will be "CLIENT3 Joe - Precision Simulator"?

Hardy Heinlin


do you need the title bar at all?

There is already a pref variable for making the frame decoration invisible (the title remains in GUI memory). I could link this existing variable with your desired option for a constant title text.

Can your program capture the title (from the OS) even if the title is invisible on the screen?



Gary Oliver

Yes Hardy that should work nicely... Thanks!  :D