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Today Windows 10 has been released. I'd think PSX will run fine because it's a Java application.
Any thoughts on this? Are there Windows 10 beta testers (with PSX) on this forum?

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I am ready to upgrade at home, where I have PSX, Prepar3dv2 and IL2 BoS, and will report back the SUCCESS ( so I hope :-) )

Meanwhile, on an ASUS laptop with lot's of old ( legacy ) software installed, and win 8.1, the upgrade was smooth as silk.

For those interested in a Clean Install, you can build an ISO or a bootable pen from here:

Jose Monteiro
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Made the switch here on my Windows 8.1 tablet to Windows 10 but kept my primary gaming setup on windows 7.
For the pure gaming rig I'm not too keen to switch to Windows 10 due to the mandatory updates they push on your PC. Don't want Microsoft to mess with my NVidia Drivers for example...

Other than that the switch to Windows 10 was smooth as silk. I already prefer the way they now use the tiles in the start menu and the choice between tablet mode and desktop mode.

PSX runs perfectly on java 8 update 51.

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I bought a brand new laptop last week with win 10 installed. Everything works fine with the latest Java Update. No problems until now. I hope it will go on this way :)

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