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The Aerowinx B744 looks like a very detailed product. I like it so much that i may bite the bullet and spend over $400 on it. The only point i want to make is that, if i am spending this much money that the product must be top-notch.

There is one thing that concerned me though after looking throgh the material
It is my understanding that the B744 is a stand-alone simulator. I only have one working laptop. I dont have a good external monitor. will it pose a problem seeing some of the panels on a 14" screen.

The other concern is similar to the first. I have X-Plane, FSX Steam edtion and P3D. Will the plane function on my system well if i run scenery and the sim on the same machine.
I will probably use xplane for scenery. Now my xplane/fsx are from steam (dont know if that makes a difference)

Lenovo Y40-70(gaming laptop)
12gb ram
I7 Processor
1tb harddrive
Windows 8.1
It only has a 13.5"? screen

I also have some questions on the plane itself. I am assuming all the questions are yes.
1-Is proper system physics modeled (windmilling hydraulic pressure modeled depending on airspeed, load shedding, flap extension time in failure cases being different
2-icing modeled as well as icing on structure of plane and its affects on aerodynamics
as well as other types of wx like thunderstorm turbulence

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In the non-level D flight simulation world PSX simulates a 744 as well as currently possible. You will not be able to find anything superior at the moment.

The amazing thing (well, only ONE of the many amazing things) about it, is that it works on everything from an MacBook Air to a full-motion, multiple computer, networked flight deck setup.

Life is full of trade-offs (choices) and you have to decide what you can live with.

Obviously the experience on a 13.5" screen is going to be different than the experience on a multiple large screen setup, which is still different than the full-motion flight deck experience. You will note I did not say "better", but rather carefully chose "different".

BTW all of your final assumptions are correct- but you haven't even SCRATCHED the surface. The one thing I can promise you is that you will not "outgrow" PSX.

I wish you well, and hope that you take the plunge. Beware though- it has been a life-altering experience for some of us ;) The $400 might be the MOST INEXPENSIVE part of the forthcoming obsession....

Best- Carl
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I think that you will find this simulator to be "cheap at twice the price" !

It is truly outstanding, as is the level of support being provided for it (as you will see if you look around this forum a bit.)

I will caution you that when you start "getting into" this simulator it's likely that you will start looking at more and bigger computers and monitors, and even start going out into the deserts to look for REAL 747-400 parts!!
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Hello Austin.

An226 wrote
It only has a 13.5"? screen

That would be too small for me.

What resolution does it have? It should be at least about 1600 x 900 if you use it for more than 3 days, otherwise it will get boring, I guess.

An226 wrote
1-Is proper system physics modeled (windmilling hydraulic pressure modeled depending on airspeed, load shedding, flap extension time in failure cases being different
2-icing modeled as well as icing on structure of plane and its affects on aerodynamics
as well as other types of wx like thunderstorm turbulence

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Thank you for your interest!


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Just as an aditional info, regarding the use of fsx:se for the visuals ( I also used xp10 in the past, but I no longer use that sim ) I can say that both run perfectly in my rig, which is just an i5 2500 @ 3,3 GHz with 16GB DD3 RAM, an ASUS GTX 650 Ti 1GB GDDR5 graphics board, on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

I have a single monitor, so I am using a customized layout for when I use psx with fsx:se, and in one of the layouts I reverve half screen for each one ( the top for fsx:se ).

I'm running at 1920 x 1080.

Weather is run by PSX's own advanced weather model, with the possibility to use RW METAR, and for Realtime flights I use ASN to inject the "weather graphics" into fsx:se.

In fsx:se I have the lowest settings for scenery and autogen, but have installed ORBX FTX Global, which does a remarkable job just with the textures. FPS is limited in fsx:se to 72 fps, the max we get in PSX, and it's overall smooth as silk.

The overall feel provided by the flight dynamics model, fluid simulation, superb displays, advanced weather model with the wind and turbulence effects I could never find in any other sim ( with FU3 probably being a remarkable exception, but on a different market and aim ), made flying even my best airline add-ons in FSX perfectly useless, and a dismay... I can't really play with them anymore :-/ - FSX became my "Earth and Weather Visuals sim..."
Jose Monteiro
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PSX will work on such a small screen, it has been designed to work on laptop computers in hotel rooms for pilots on layovers. However you will of course not be able to see the whole flight deck at once. To avoid zooming out and losing all the instruments, PSX has a convenient, though different than other sims, way of very quickly switching screen layouts. You can set up nine "views" which each are compiled out of four sub views. Say, one for flight, one for the forward overhead panel, one for the pedestal. You don't pan, you switch. This allows you to work with even small screens, though there is a bottom limit.

If you want to add scenery generators, a small screen will not work. You will have to sacrifice about 50% of it to the outside world and that is too much to read the instruments. I would not even try it on one notebook. You really would need an extra monitor for this.

Note that this same argument holds for the FSX-based sims. On a 13.5" display you cannot see your instruments properly if you also want to see outside. You need LARGE instruments, especially the PFD.

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Hi Austin,

> It only has a 13.5"? screen

... but maybe you happen to have a modern flat screen TV? Most of the recent TVs I've seen do have e.g. a VGA connector or HDMI input and can be used as an external monitor for a laptop (even in full HD).

So you can either run PSX in a high resolution or, alternatively, run PSX on one screen and FSX / X-Plane on the other.

(I've flown a VATSIM Worldflight in this configuration. :) )


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