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PSX Remote Problem

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The only way I can get PSX Remote to work is to reinstall each time I run it.
If I disconnect and try to reconnect, I type in the address ( in my case) but just says disconnected.
Ipad iOS 8.3

Has any kind soul got a solution

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(Just to make it clear to the forum readers: The two words "PSX Remote" belong together and are the name of an add-on. I.e. it's not a "remote problem" of PSX.)
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Hello Mark,

you could check the following:

1) Before connecting, make sure your iPad is in Portrait Mode (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Page_orientation). Otherwise it could be that the connection dialog is not displayed correctly (off-screen). Also check if the rotation lock is disabled.

2) If you can't see the dialog box, you can force-quit PSX Remote by double-tapping the Home button on your iPad and swiping up the thumbnail of PSX Remote. Then start PSX Remote again, making sure that you orientate your iPad correctly.

3) If the dialog box is visible, make sure to press the backspace key a couple of seconds to delete the previous entry before entering the address again. But if you always are using a fixed IP, this should not be necessary.

It should also not be necessary to re-install PSX Remote. Try the above steps, and give a feedback if you succeeded, please.

Happy Vlying ;)

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