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Good afternoon everyone,

I am sorry to say that after struggling for a week to get XView working I gave up and tried PSX_Earth. PSX_Earth was up and running with and hour.

I am sure that the reason I cannot get XView working is my system. I read every post on it and tried all of the suggestion but without success.

I will keep trying and will get my Son to have a go when he has time, in the meantime I will continue with PSX_Earth.
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I couldn't succeed wit psx_earth.. I don't understand how
it is installed/configured.
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Have you read the PSX_Earth_Docs.html file?
The installation/usage process is explained in great detail in this file.
Basically it says:
1. download & unzip PSX_Earth archive to any folder
2. edit the PSX_Earth.ini file to match the PSX info (IP-address & port)
3. Start PSX and internal PSX-server
4. start PSXEarth.jar
5. Start your web browser with the installed GE plug-in
6. Connect to this URL:
7. Click on the button labelled "Start!" in the browser window
8. Enjoy! ...and read the above file for further info! :D

Points 1,2,4-8 are all on the same machine - which is not necessarily the PSX machine... depends on what was entered into the .ini file (point 2)

Registered: Mar 2015
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Location: OOMS (Muscat)
Hi I succeeded....it works...but it is jerky in the airports.
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DEbowing wrote
it is jerky in the airports

See Note 3 in the documentation.


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