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Aerowinx Nav Database Update

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Registered: Jan 2015
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Just received an e-mail from them...

Absolutely fantastic!!
Downloaded and installed!!

Thanks for this!
Registered: Sep 2014
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Same here, just ordered from Aerosoft Germany, installed in a matter of seconds !
Thanks a lot.

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Easy purchase and install. Thank you for this.

Francisco Blas
Registered: Oct 2010
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Just downloaded the Nav Database Update and put the zipped file into Aerowinx/Navigation/-New when loading PSX for the first time the loading stopped at 79%, closed PSX restarted PSX and it shows cycle 1503 under About/Quit.

Has it updated the database properly?
Registered: Jan 2012
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Hi mickcall999,

I had a similar problem. My update also stopped at 79%. Had to close PSX, and then restart to complete the update. Furthermore, after the update, and on starting PSX, it would stop/freeze at 79% on a number of occasions. At the moment PSX runs ok.
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if cycle 1503 is indicated under About/Quit, you have cycle 1503.

I assume this random 79% problem has nothing to do with the update (pure coincidence). I think it's a problem in the OS or Java version. It's hard to analyse because only a few users so far have experienced it (at random, before the update).



P.S.: The nav database installation happens before the 25% mark. So if you have passed 25%, the installation is completed.

At 79% PSX starts to build the Instructor pages. This involves many Java GUI objects (Java buttons, checkboxes, sliders etc.).
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