Got me a promotional GTX 960 4GB card, and whow!!!!

I don't know if it is only the card, or also the migration to a clean install of win 10 Pro, but truth is, my experience using it with Prepar3dv2.5 couldn't be smoother !

It makes quite a difference flying with VisualPSX using a good graphics card. I do not ask much from the scenery rendering ( actually I have all AUTOGEN and TREES OFF ), but I have ORBX FTX Global to enhance the scenery textures, and it's a great experience.

Actually, some of the effects of having a bottleneck in my rig, preventing smooth display during some critical phases of flight were the only reason for some strange effects I was complaining about regarding the "flight dynamics". There were moments where the discrete behavior of the aircraft ruined the fluidity of the underlying FDM, and the sensation was that of something wrong with PSX. The smooth ride I now have, with unlimited FPS, never dropping bellow 32 FPS, even with dense clouds, reveals a new PSX :-)

On a completely different subject, last Saturday as I left home to take my early morning cofee, I noticed a characteristic sound of an aircraft which had taken off from LPPT, and was getting above the southern margin of river Tagus, heading for the Ocean. It was particularly high already, and flying a lot faster than those a430s and a330s I am used to see. As I focused my sight, I noticed it couldn't be an Airbus... better focusing revealed what looked like a BA 744 :-)

What a powerful aircraft the 744 is! It had been a long time since I last saw one flying over.
Jose Monteiro
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