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First waypoint of RTE on ND

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Hi all,

I have observed on several flights that in most cases (if not all), that the first waypoint of the RTE disappears from the upper right corner of the ND after activating the route.

At first, when I enter the route in the FMC, the first waypoint appears in the upper right corner (in magenta) but immediately after activating the RTE it disappears and is replaced by dahes.

It makes no difference if a runway or associated procedure is selected before or after the activation. Also, waiting for the IRS alignment doesn't change this. There's also no difference between conditional and fixed waypoints.

The question is: is this correct? I'd assume that the next waypoint of the active route should always be displayed.

I'm running Version 10.0.5 on Windows 7.

Best regards,
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Hi Dirk,

this feature is not described in public manuals; so in the past years we checked this on real flights and videos. By these observations we concluded that conditional waypoints are always dashed and, secondly, that the ETA dashes also appear for non-conditional waypoints before takeoff (I guess this makes sense because the ETA can be true only if the aircraft has actually started the flight).



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