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Looking up flight time and distance

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I plan all my flights with PFPX, but if looking for what flight I would make this site is actualy not to bad. You get a great circle distance only but can have a pretty good idea of your distance, flightime, and can alter your flying speed.
It gives you a simple map for situational awereness and flighttime / distance in a matter of seconds.
handy for seaking out flight times in countries and places you are not familiar with before doing the full planning

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You may want to have a look at this handy little tool, too. It's called "for FS9" but will work just as well for PSX*.

Finds destination airports according to distance, heading, runway length and surface, etc.
(Click the "Readme" button in the application for full documentation.)


*It knows only about airports included in FS9 but has its own database, i.e. does not require FS9 in order to work

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