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Trip down memory lane

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Hi, I want to tell a little story, and maybe this is not the purpose of this forum section, if not , I will delete it!

The other day I made a short 1 hour flight in PSX, with all bells and whistles, I have a 3 monitor PSX setup, and a 32" tv for the visuals of P3D.
PSX razer sharp graphics,as real as it gets, no stutters ,a real joy, and P3D with volumetric foc, beatifull clouds, magnificent sunset in to mountainous terain!

After completing the flight I thought I desirved a treat, so went in to the cellar to get a bottle of fermented grape juice when my eye cought a glimps of a little cabinet I had decades ago put there. hidden beneath all sorts of stuf!
After opening a drawer there whas a little plastic box , when I opened it there were a bunch of floppy disks, dino stuff, but in a flash my whole flightsim world came back from the dead!
Flying fortress, Airline transport pilot, F117A, and after PSX and PS1 , the best sim I ever used! Airbus A320 simulator, from Thailion, made by a German A320 captain.
De game started with a guy in an office to tell you your flight plan, if not mistaken there where 20 missions to complete to get promoted from cadet to captain, you even had to calculate your fuell!
The outside view through the windscreen no more then a white square and a blue square, simulating the sky, the runway one big fat line, that was it.
But great fun!

Let's go back a little further.
In the early days of my marriage I bought a commodore 64 , no monitor though.
So hade to wait untill my wife went to bed (alone, I know) to sink my claws in to the tv set, a black and white box with a screen not much bigger then the tablets these days!
After the flopy loaded with Bruce Artwicks sublogic flight simulator I found myself sitting on the runway at Meighs field , i think in a piper , but not sure of that anymore.
Ready for a flight to chicago midway, my first, it hade a adf and a vor reciever, so I could navigate using a very rudimentary chart!
And the scenery was awsome, a rectangular shape with 2 lines sticking out vertical!
Sears tower!

I never forgot that feeling when completing the flight, I was an aviator!

The following 30 years or so flew all the sims available on the market, my first pc , a 486DX33, to slow, updated it to DX66 for some 5000 belgian franks, a stiff sum those days.
And then the everlasting battle begun to keep up the hardware so there was the feeling of flight, and not a slide show.
Always a step behind, each new sim set me back and nibbled on the fun
1 hour tweaking, 10 minutes of flight.
I am a tweaker!

But the miracle has happened, Thanks to Hardy's perseverance to make PSX, no doubt a very demanding task, I can fly the sim without stutters, hickups, or any other annoying calamity.

Back where I started 30 years ago
I am an aviator!
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Thanks for the memories, Ivo...as you say, things have changed quite a bit!
What will it be like in another 20 years? - PS3X?

Registered: Jul 2014
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Hi Peter, who knows?
Maybe by then we travel in self driving cars, not even allowed to drive ourselves.
Maybe by then we fly in completely automated planes? designed is such a way they can not be flown without computers, like the stealth fighter , a flying brick. No airways anymore, a straight line from A to B . Navigation accurate within a feet , 99% safe.
Pilots replaced by computer specialists, the only action required to push a button, this button then commands all the other buttons.
if one specialist hurts his finger, the other can take over.
It would make life easier for Hardy though,
and there is always " beam me up Scotty
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Whow Ivo,

all so similar :-)

The Thalion Airbus Sim, PC version, was also, together with Flight Assignment ATP Rev D ( which a friend brought me from the USA ), one of the best airline simulations I was ever able to use!

I still keep the charts that came with it, with the layouts of so many airports all around Europe!


"What are you up to ?"... :-)

You can still find the latest versions here:

Jose Monteiro
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Registered: Jul 2014
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thanks for the links Jose,
It was nice to see it again.
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Thanks for reminding me of the old flightsim days guys! I had (and still have) the Alpha Software 747 sim for FS 98+95. It featured 4 747 types 100,230B,230F,238B with photo realistic panels,throttle controls and VC. And printed manual! A true dinosaur!

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