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Cockpit display size

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Good evening!

Can someone please post the measurements of the real B744 cockpit displays ( PFD / ND / EICAS ).

Thanks, best regards,

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A forum member measured it for me:

The inner side has a horizontal width of 7,5 inch (so this means the black, cold and dark, monitor screen).
If you take e.g. the lower EICAS with both CDU's beside it, there is a divider plate between the Lower EICAS an a CDU (left and right). The length of the horizontal width from divider plate left to divider plate right (of the EICAS) is 8,5 inch.
Having these dimensions is reasonably sufficient to resize e.g. a PSX screenshot to "read"(after resizing) other dimensions.

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Note that the LCD type has a smaller black area than the CRT type (but at the same time the LCD type provides more room for the symbology; i.e. the CRT cannot display symbols near the edges due to its ray tube limits).


For reference: Manual page 273.
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