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ATC in long flights...

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I am sorry if I already asked about this at another thread. I have some memory of it having been mentioned in some thread, but couldn't find it :-/

I used PSX only once for full long haul flight. In fact, it wasn't really a full flight, in the sense of using RW time, because I used the "Jump to" button many times. My purpose was to test the stability of FSX and VisualPSX.

But if and when I start using PSX as I should, with it's included ATC simulation ( although I find really weird that in flights from Portugal to Spain I am asked to use HF??? ), I would like to try and do it by-the-book, using PFPX to build my OFP, starting from C&D, etc... and eventually getting into talking to the ATC.

But, if it's a long haul, and I have to leave the computer to go shopping, babysitting, to sleep, or to leave for work, and get back with it flying safe and sound, I would really like either an option for automatic interaction with ATC to take place, either by the PNF, or even the PF and the PNF.

This could be an option, and a window would show the last interaction with ATC, so that when we return to the cockpit we can pause the simulation and try to find ourselves around..., or done by an external program.

Anyone considering such an "add-on".

And, bringing the subject of the HF again, why is it so common in PSX flights, everywhere around the World? I had the ATC instructing me to tune my HF radios at least twice during an LPPT - LEMD flight ?
Jose Monteiro
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The center frequencies are autofilled by a random generator. You are not forced to use them: Every frequency on the Voice-ATC page is displayed in an edit field and can be changed to whatever you like. See page 48, 5th paragraph.

You can also fill every edit field with the same frequency so that there will be no frequency change.

The non-center frequencies are autofilled with the first published frequency of a category if there are multiple frequencies in a category (e.g. multiple approach, tower, ground frequencies). They too can be changed manually.


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