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Hi there!

Was just wondering wether it's possible to utilise FSX or X-Plane B744 sounds to enhance the B744 PS10 immersion.

Best regards,

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Welcome to the fourm! Do you have PSX yet? I ask, because the audio in PSX is pretty immersive and amazing. Once you hear it, on good speakers, I think you won't miss FSX anymore. Is there anything in partucular that you're worried about?
Will /Chicago /USA
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I was wondering the same thing.

I received PSX yesterday thanks to a surprising visit by the postman on Sunday. What an incredible piece of software!

Regarding sounds, changing the altitude callouts to the newer-style Boeing version was easy, but having ridden the jumpseat in the real -400 quite a few times, the engine sounds leave a lot to be desired in my opinion. The spoolup on takeoff, especially on RB211-powered birds, is one of the greatest sounds in aviation (even from the cockpit), in my opinion, and I don't think PSX does it justice. The rest of the environment sounds are spot on.

So, is changing the engine sounds possible?

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Audio is always a very subjective matter, and also depends a lot on the audio hardware you're using and on how you are using it. The sound in PSX is designed for large and loud speakers. There is no dynamic compression like in games or TV shows; that is, the volume difference between a switch noise and, for example, the bang of an engine stall is not compressed to an equal level but the one is very soft and the other is very loud. And there are no artifical loudness effects like in movies. This means, if you don't have a good large and loud speaker system, you cannot expect the same rumble level and explosive intensities you experience on the real deck or on the big sims.

Solution 1: If you don't have a big speaker system, or when you neighbour is sleeping, use a good headphone whose bandwidth goes down to 30 Hz.

Solution 2: Replace the respective wav sound file by a custom made file that exaggerates the sounds as per your taste.

Important: See page 89. All wav files in the first three groups ("Engines & Airframe", "Weather, wipers, ram air", and "Air conditioning") must be recorded in stereo. All other files (e.g. MAWEA alerts) must be in mono; if they are not in mono and if, for instance, the left flight deck speaker fails (in the simulation), the sound will stay in the middle of the stereo panorama. This is because stereo material cannot be panned. Only mono material can be panned, thus allowing the simulation of avionic related left-right effects.



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