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Checklist question - high oil temperature

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What are the procedures pilots have to take once they have noticed a high oil temperature in one of the engine? The last resort is shutting down the engine, right? But what do they try before that?
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Hi there,

Maybe you picked this up from the SimfestUK video the other day, where I explained it briefly.

The procedure is to throttle the engine back, not fully, as you might expect, but to mid-range ( on the RB 211). This is due to the way that the oil cooler works.

It is cooled by the cold fuel that is about to go into the engine via a matrix. The physics is such that the most cooling is achieved by having a fairly high fuel flow, with the engine at a mid-thrust setting.
I'm sure the engineers here will have more insight than I!


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According to the QRH

1. Thrust level for the affected engine moved slowly towards idle until the temperature decreases.
2. If the message blanks then use the thrust lever to use the engine below a level which ensures the temp doesn't rise again.
3. If the temp doesn't increase or if it stays in the amber band for >20 minutes, idle that engine with the thrust level and shut engine down with fuel cut off.
4. Change transponder to TA ONLY mode.
5. Don't run the Engine Shutdown checklist.

edit: listen to Britjet!! :D

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