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CDU entry when in shift mode

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I have used the PSX for some weeks now. I am very pleased by the great look and functionality.

When programming the FMS, I am normally using Shift, so as to enter data by using the keyboard. What I have found somewhat problematic, is that the entry of numbers is only permitted with the numeric keypad, not with the numberkeys of the keys above the QWERTY line.

Since I am typing with 10 fingers, the switch between letters and numbers is very unnatural.

Would it be possible, to allow also the entry of numbers from the main keyboard?
(Clearly, only when Shift mode for CDU entry is active, a mode which is simulator specific, so no confusion with original cockpit functionality).

Opinions are welcome.

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Hi, thanks.

The upper number keys 1 to 6 (and F1 to F6) are already reserved for the line select keys of the CDU. So I can't change it.



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