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(Author of "The Big Tutorial" for PS1, and "Getting started with PSX" Parts 1 and 2).
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I could use your file, I can hardly make out most of the voices also.
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Hi Brian,

can you mail me your "ATC word list from PS1 days"? I have no list anymore, neither for PS1 nor for PSX.

If I have your list, I could edit that for PSX, instead of writing one from scratch.


Registered: Feb 2011
Posts: 190
Location: 2nm from rwy 06 EGLF
(Author of "The Big Tutorial" for PS1, and "Getting started with PSX" Parts 1 and 2).
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Britjet is good at accents, perhaps if he stays off the golf course for long enough he could provide a set?
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A tip in advance:

Don't record the stuff word by word.

Record whole sentences. And then cut the respective words from the sentence.

This way the intonation and continuity in the generated speech will sound more natural.


E.g. don't record "one zero", two zero", etc.

Record "fly heading one one zero", "fly heading one two zero", etc. -- and then cut the "fly heading one" from each record to get just the "one zero", "two zero" etc. The words are the same. But the intonation etc. is different.
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Great insight, Hardy !

Useful idea for studio work.

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Will you make some Indian accent voices, Shiv? That would be great!

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Very important: The sound format must be MONO. Otherwise stereo panning won't work.
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(Author of "The Big Tutorial" for PS1, and "Getting started with PSX" Parts 1 and 2).
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Thank you for your list, Brian!

Here's your list again, with my edits ... :-)



Some fragments require two variants: a lower pitch and a higher pitch variant. Whenever the ATC software builds a sentence, it will randomly chose the higher or the lower pitched fragment (to get rid of the "robot effect"). The important factor isn't necessarily the pitch; important is that there are two different intonations so that there is a greater, natural variety.

Each wav file must be in MONO format.

To simulate "bad" AM radio quality, and to improve computer performance, the sample rate may be as low as 11000 Hz at 8 bit.

It's easy to make an additional version of a voice at a higher or lower talking speed. For example, if there is a folder called "Brian" and you want a female version of it, make an additional folder called, say, "Brenda" and copy an empty text file into this folder. Rename this empty file to "117 Brian". When Brenda is selected, the ATC software will be redirected to folder "Brian" and will play all sounds of Brian at a speed factor of 117%.

==== WAV file names and the associated ATC phrase fragments: ====

0000 zero (high pitch)
0001 one (high pitch)
0002 two (high pitch)
0003 three (high pitch)
0004 four (high pitch)
0005 five (high pitch)
0006 six (high pitch)
0007 seven (high pitch)
0008 eight (high pitch)
0009 niner (high pitch)

0010 zero (low pitch)
0011 one (low pitch)
0012 two (low pitch)
0013 three (low pitch)
0014 four (low pitch)
0015 five (low pitch)
0016 six (low pitch)
0017 seven (low pitch)
0018 eight (low pitch)
0019 niner (low pitch)

0020 decimal zero
0021 decimal one
0022 decimal two
0023 decimal three
0024 decimal four
0025 decimal five
0026 decimal six
0027 decimal seven
0028 decimal eight
0029 decimal niner

0030 hundred

0031 one zero knots
0032 two zero knots
0033 three zero knots
0034 four zero knots
0035 five zero knots
0036 six zero knots
0037 seven zero knots
0038 eight zero knots
0039 niner zero knots

0040 thousand (high pitch)
0041 thousand (low pitch)

0050 zero zero
0051 one zero
0052 two zero
0053 three zero
0054 four zero
0055 five zero
0056 six zero
0057 seven zero
0058 eight zero
0059 niner zero

0061 Alpha
0062 Bravo
0063 Charlie
0064 Delta
0065 Echo
0066 Foxtrot
0067 Golf
0068 Hotel
0069 India
0070 Juliette
0071 Kilo
0072 Lima
0073 Mike
0074 November
0075 Oscar
0076 Papa
0077 Quebec
0078 Romeo
0079 Sierra
0080 Tango
0081 Uniform
0082 Victor
0083 Whisky
0084 X-ray
0085 Yankee
0086 Zulu

0090 zero heavy
0091 one heavy
0092 two heavy
0093 three heavy
0094 four heavy
0095 five heavy
0096 six heavy
0097 seven heavy
0098 eight heavy
0099 niner heavy

0100 Aeroflot
0101 Air Canada
0102 Air China
0103 Air France
0104 Air India
0105 Air Portugal
0106 Alitalia
0107 All Nippon
0108 Argentina
0109 Asiana
0110 Avianca
0111 Cargolux
0112 Cathay
0113 Delta
0114 El Al
0115 Emirates
0116 Eva Air
0117 Finnair
0118 Giant
0119 Indonesia
0120 Iberia
0121 Japan Air
0122 KLM
0123 Korean Air
0124 Kuwaiti
0125 Lan Chile
0126 Lufthansa
0127 Malaysian
0128 New Zealand
0129 Olympic
0130 Pakistan
0131 Phillipine
0132 Qantas
0133 Saudia
0134 Scandinavian
0135 Shamrock
0136 Singapore
0137 Speedbird
0138 Springbok
0139 Swiss
0140 Thai Inter
0141 Turkish
0142 United
0143 Virgin

0160 turn left heading zero
0161 turn left heading one
0162 turn left heading two
0163 turn left heading three

0170 turn right heading zero
0171 turn right heading one
0172 turn right heading two
0173 turn right heading three

0203 cleared pushback and start for
0204 you're cleared pushback and start for

0205 sqwawk (high pitch)
0206 sqwawk (low pitch)

0207 speed (high pitch)
0208 speed (low pitch)

0209 contact ground one one
0210 call ground one two
0211 contact ground one three
0212 contact tower one
0213 call tower one
0214 contact approach one one
0215 call approach one two
0216 contact approach one three
0217 call departure one one
0218 contact departure one two
0219 call departure one three

0220 taxy to runway (high pitch)
0221 taxy to runway (low pitch)

0222 left
0223 centre
0224 right

0225 altimeter two eight
0226 altimeter two niner
0227 altimeter three zero
0228 altimeter three one
0229 QNH niner
0230 QNH one zero

0233 line up and wait
0234 cleared for take-off

0235 wind calm
0236 wind zero
0237 wind one
0238 wind two
0239 wind three
0240 gusting
0241 at one
0242 at two
0243 at three
0244 at four
0245 at five
0246 at six
0247 at seven
0248 at eight
0249 at niner

0254 read you five, stand by
0255 stand by
0257 follow taxiway alpha behind
0258 seven forty-seven
0259 resume own navigation

0261 good day (high pitch)
0262 good day (low pitch)
0263 good morning (or whatever you like as a morning greeting)
0264 good afternoon (or whatever you like as an afternoon greeting)
0265 good evening (or whatever you like as an evening greeting)

0267 climb and maintain (high pitch)
0268 climb and maintain (low pitch)
0269 descend and maintain (high pitch)
0270 descend and maintain (low pitch)
0271 re-cleared (high pitch)
0272 re-cleared (low pitch)
0273 maintain

0274 radar contact
0275 turn left
0276 turn right
0277 intercept final track to runway
0278 cleared for approach runway
0279 continue approach
0280 flight level
0281 flight level one
0282 flight level two
0283 flight level three
0284 flight level four
0290 cleared to land
0291 pull up, execute missed approach
0292 proceed to the gate
0293 speed at your discretion

0299 this is
0300 information
0301 weather report time
0302 runway in use
0303 transition level
0304 windshears on landing and takeoff
0305 turbulence reported
0306 visibility
0307 greater than ten kilometres
0308 rain showers
0309 overcast
0310 metres
0311 clouds OK
0312 thunderstorms
0313 temperature
0314 temperature minus
0315 dewpoint
0316 dewpoint minus
0317 centigrades
0318 or
0319 hectopascals
0320 trend NOSIG
0321 out [with one second pause following]

0350 cleared direct
0351 cleared to
0400 hold north as published
0401 hold northeast as published
0402 hold east as published
0403 hold southeast as published
0404 hold south as published
0405 hold southwest as published
0406 hold west as published
0407 hold northwest as published
0409 hold north of
0410 hold northeast of
0411 hold east of
0412 hold southeast of
0413 hold south of
0414 hold southwest of
0415 hold west of
0416 hold northwest of
0417 on radial zero
0418 on radial one
0419 on radial two
0420 on radial three
0421 one zero mile legs [with one second pause preceding]
0422 two zero mile legs [with one second pause preceding]
0423 one minute legs [with one second pause preceding]
0424 two minute legs [with one second pause preceding]
0425 left turns
0426 right turns
0427 expect further clearance zero
0428 expect further clearance one
0429 expect further clearance two

0520 point zero
0521 point one
0522 point two
0523 point three
0524 point four
0525 point five
0526 point six
0527 point seven
0528 point eight
0529 point niner

0533 taxy into position and hold
0554 loud and clear, stand by
0590 contact centre one
0591 contact centre

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A really interesting project for folks would be for them to make these files for the voices of the controllers in their local area.

I think the accents for controllers in Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, Narita, Sydney, etc might provide interesting challenges for some folks. (They,did for me).
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:D :D :D :D :D

That's fantastic, Maestro: many many thanks!

(Especially for the two items which I just had to guess; and the information about re-engineering Brian into Brenda). ;)

So all I need now is some hours of silence in the house while I do the recordings.... That could be the main challenge! :roll:

Very best wishes,

(Author of "The Big Tutorial" for PS1, and "Getting started with PSX" Parts 1 and 2).
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Brian wrote
I have a "received pronunciation" English accent

Would that be the one otherwise known as "posh", Brian? :D

I also can "envisage"* a folder "DonaldDuck"** redirecting to "200 Brian" !
Or perhaps "TheEnt" (50 Brian)!


* entendre, more like
** a.k.a. the "helium in cockpit" emergency on NG zeppelins.
Registered: Feb 2011
Posts: 190
Location: 2nm from rwy 06 EGLF
(Author of "The Big Tutorial" for PS1, and "Getting started with PSX" Parts 1 and 2).

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