after a longer break from Precision Sim (V1.3), I bought PSX recently and I am very impressed by it, as expected.

I tried to setup external visuals with XView. I am running X-Plane 10 64-bit and Windows 7 on both computers. Everything works as long as I do not switch the boost server connection on. If I do everything as stated in the manual, start the main and boost servers in PSX and then start X-Plane, it will crash. I have to start it with the servers disconnected in PSX and then only activate the main server connection as soon as X-Plane has started. With extrapolation enabled, this gives reasonable performance but I guess it would be better using the boost server.

Anytime I activate the boost server connection, either X-Plane crashes right away or I have a few spectacular dives to below the runway elevation in PSX and then it crashes ;)
I think this even happened when I started the boost server in PSX without activating the boost server option in XView.

I tried both releases of XView, re-downloaded, searched the forum, etc.

Any ideas about what could go wrong? I am using the standard ports and correct IP-addresses.

Thank you very much for any help,