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VisualPSX Suite - major upgrade released

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Thanks everyone for trying the latest updates. I hope to have time to consider all the issues you have raised and to respond in the next few days.

I am delighted that so many are trying the new versions, including the many who remain silent or who do not visit this forum. Thanks!

Website: flightsim.garryric.com
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Hi, i am running version 5.10 build 5498, have 2 copies of it, one on the psx machine , one on the prepard machine, both the same build.
When running the version on the PSX. machine, the weather send from PSX to P3D does not show up, it remains the same, no matter what weather setting I use!
When running the version on the P3D machine, the weather follows PSX perfect.
Strange, maybe missed something here?

Also, I have the default 747.400 from FSX folder copied in to the P3D folder, also installed the posky liverys, but then the plane bounces up and down , it jitters verticaly multiple times per second!
What liverys do you guys use, beside the standard default version?
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Hi Garry

Re version 7 - I think it is a little smoother- though difficult to quantify - with some stutters, which are most noticeable when the aircraft banks - i(t seems to lock up completely sometimes as the bank takes effect)

The FPS on P3D is usually high on my rig - (in excess of 200FPS if not limited, and all settings at minimum) - but still stuttering even with FPS limited to 30 or so..

Interestingly, I also use Wideview from one P3D instance to another on the same network (not using PSX) and it is really smooth, so I'm not sure why there should be a difference..

TCAS improved - thank you!


Registered: Jul 2014
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I have an invalid portnumber in SimConnect.cfg on the opening screen of visual psx 7.
It is however the same number with version 5.10 build 5498.
all settings are identical, but can not get it to work.
any ideas please?
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Hello PSX colleagues,

I've been trying now to bring to the new of RunwayPSX for P3D v2 running a few days. But unfortunately without success. RunwayPSX shows shows the simulator version (P3D_V2) correctly. But as soon as I press "Start Processing" said RunwayPSX terminated without further specification.
All previous versions have works.
RunwayPSX I run with administrator privileges. Also SimConnect is installed correctly.
Does anyone have an idea where I make the mistake?

Thanks and regards, Joe

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