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Toe brakes in PSX...

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Since I installed PSX I defined in the USB GUI my Saitek Rudder System toe brakes to act as toe brakes in the sim.

I don't know how the real B744 differential brakes work, but I find the effect extremely abrupt in PSX. I actually gave up using differential / toe brakes, and set a joystick button for "brakes" which applies both brakes.

I wonder how others have configured the sensitivity of the USB toe break axis in PSX to make the experience a bit more plausible...
Jose Monteiro
Registered: May 2009
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The toe brakes in PSX are extremely smooth. Not abrupt at all. I just retested it with two USB axes and the aircraft was easy to steer at low and high speeds.

Be sure that the magenta hooks on the info tag move gradually with your toe pedal movement.

But, of course, don't expect that this Saitek light weight plastic toy provides the same feel as a real pair of 744 pedals do. If you kick the toy with the same force you would apply on the real ship, the Saitek would probably fall apart ...

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