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Saitek pedals move other control surfaces

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Hi Hardy,

I've finally hooked up my saitek pedals to my PSX sim. However, on operating them, they move the ailerons in what seems like a pretty random like fashion.

My setup:
I have three mac minis (called fd1/fd2/fd3) that work in conjunction driving 6 touchscreens. fd2 plays the PSX server and it only has keyboard and mouse connected. fd3 has the joystick (logitech wingman while I'm waiting for real 747 yokes...) connected. This has always worked flawlessly.

Today I connected the Saitek Cessna pedals with toe brakes also to fd3, and in the USB tab of the config screen in PSX on that instance, I assigned the correct functions. Looking at the raw values read from the saitek pedals and from the wingman stick they behave as expected. There is no wiggle in the values there.

But when looking at the flight controls positions in the lower EICAS status display, the ailerons and spoilers are all over the shop when I deflect the rudder. When using the stick only, all is fine as it used to be.

Happy to provide a video for illustration if that's in any way unclear.

I'm using version PSX 10.0.3.


- Balt
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Hi Balt,

please try 10.0.4.

(Item 0.4-0007 should fix it.)


Registered: Jan 2013
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Location: YSSY
Just installed the latest Java update, and that did the trick also it seems. (?)

I'll also try 10.0.4. thanks!

- Balt
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Hi Balt

Sorry to impose, but can you help with my problem with the Foreflight connector please?

See my thread.


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