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couple of questions to PFPX users...

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I have a couple of questions to users of PFPX..
Let say I want to plan a flight from LEMD to SCEL.
Departing time LEMD is 23.55
Arrival time in SCEL is 09.30 local
When you have to insert the various STD-ETD-STA-EET times, how do you know how long the flight it will take (EET) ?
Do you usually insert only the ETD and STA ?
STA time should be local (SCEL) or origin (LEMD) ?
The PFPX manual doesent explain...

Usually, how you plan a flight ?
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On the easiest case you only set the STD. It will fill the rest. But if you are delayed you can re-enter ETD time so the PFPX will calculate with more up to date data for the flight (normally you should je delayed over 30min to use this). The STA can also be modified if you wish to apply the real world schedules. You don't have to touch EeT if you have set the STD and STA to represent the real world schedules as it is being then updated to correct value automatically.
Registered: Mar 2010
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Thank you very much.
Now its more clear.
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And it is better to always use UTC time for all your time etd, std, sta, eta. Then you convert into local time. There is an excellent website for this : timeanddate.com.

Generally when you plan a scheduled flight, you enter the planned STD and STA. The ETD is STD as the airline is planning to depart on time. The ETA is calculated by adding the flight time (depending on your route) to the STD/ETD.


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