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X-Plane 10 questions

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I asked Austin at the time for the feature, but Ben now is more on the front lines.

As for PlaneMaker, it is eminently flexible and you should be able to remove any cockpit objects or panels. I know there is a button that lets you select what is visible from the inside view.

Someone suggested going on the X-Plane forums (at X-Plane.org or X-Pilot.com, or both) and opening a PSX thread to capitalize on the huge fountain of knowledge there. That is an excellent idea. It is a great community just like the one here, so you should get the help you need.

I do know that the A320 is the default aircraft you see when using on-line flying tools like XSquawkbox - however, there are so called "CSL" files that you need to add to your broker plug-in folder so that other on-line traffic will look like the correct aircraft as long as the other user enters the proper code on their flight plan. Many of these CSL files are available for download on X-Plane sites. A kind user made CSL versions of 747-8 freeware aircraft that I made for X-Plane a while back and they are available here (for example):


I am not sure how you could make PSX trigger the correct traffic to appear in the X-Plane view. There should be a way to code XView to trigger random aircraft from a preset list so you at least get a variety of aircraft. Then you could include the correct CSLs as a package to be downloaded. All are free as far as I know and XView is freeware, so there should be no issues in redistributing them.

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GodAtum wrote
I am trying to record flights in XACARS but it is saying my engines are running even thou are are not. Any ideas?

have you already found a solution ?

when i start X-Plane first then XACARS works fine :D

after Landing i make PSX Cold and Dark , but XACARS says "engine run " :'(
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