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Can real-world scenery be used with this software?

I am thinking of purchasing Aerowinx as I am a 747-400 simulator flyer. (Not a real pilot) Although the aircraft cruses at high altitudes, the experience of takeoffs and landings at simulated airports is wonderful.

R Thomas
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Aerowinx Precision Simulator itself does not provide scenery. It provides just enough of the (regulated) runway environment, such as lighting, to perform the visual tasks required in the takeoff and landing phases of flight. Everything else is weather effects in line with the IFR environment a 744 operates in pretty much all the time.

If you prefer to have more windshield detail on the ground and close to the ground, you can hook up one of the dedicated scenery generators out there, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane, and others. This usually requires more computer horse power and display area, but it gives you best of both worlds.

PSX is not an add-on to such scenery generators, it is a completely stand-alone simulator, but it can use those scenery generators as flying windshield cameras for additional effect, exactly like the professional simulators out there.


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