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Hardware and graphics cards for PSX

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Please forgive me if very similar questions have been answered somewhere - I did search!

Q1) What is the minimum (in terms of series) of Nvidia graphics card I should consider purchasing for a PSX client? (Should I consider below GTX750?)

Q2) Could a PSX client use modern onboard graphics, perhaps for the overhead panel? I've collected more PC's than I have graphics cards, so I was wondering if I could put them to use.

Q3) I like to be optimistic! Could a PSX client displaying the overhead panel run on a P4 with 1GB-DDR RAM and a 64MB (or even 32MB) AGP4X graphics card?

Q4) Below are the PC's that I have graphics cards for. I'm wondering how PSX would run on those systems? Would the lower spec machines be of any use in the network? (*= will be OC):
Q9650 3.0GHz* 4GB-DDR2 GeForceGTX285 1GB
E8500 3.16Ghz* 4GB-DDR2 GeForce7950GT 512MB
E8400 3.0GHz 5GB-DDR2 GeForce6600GT 128MB
E6500 2.93GHz 3GB-DDR3 RadeonX1300 128MB
E6750 2.66GHz 4GB-DDR2 RadeonX1300 128MB
E6750 2.66GHz 4GB-DDR2 RadeonX1300 128MB
E6400 2.13GHz 2.5GB-DDR2 RadeonX1300 128MB
E6400 2.13GHz 2.5GB-DDR2 RadeonX1300 128MB
P4 2.8GHz 2GB-DDR Radeon9200 (AGP8X OpenGL v1.4) 128MB
P4 2.8GHz 1.5GB-DDR Radeon9200SE/T (AGP8X OpenGL v1.4) 64MB

Thanks for your thoughts on this.
Regards, Django EGLL.
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I have never used any graphics card for PSX, it has always been old laptops with built-in graphics, and everything works ok. Overhead and any other panel is totally fine and 1 GB should be sufficient. It is the external view (the more light points and weather, the more power you need), the PFD, and the ND that are graphic power suckers.

About the only way you can make a panel visibly update is to dim the lights.


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